Coronavirus Craziness & How to keep our pets stimulated during a lockdown?

Hey, fellow pet lovers! ❤️

I hope you and your four-legged friends have been well since my last post back in April! I’ve been super busy with university work since it is exam season. But thankfully, I only have one more classics exam to do next week, and then I’m finished for the summer! Which means I can get back into my blogging routine and get some new decent content published.

I’m ashamed to say that today’s post has been sitting in my drafts section for about two months now, I’ve simply been too busy to get round to publishing it. However, today is my birthday, which means I get to have a relaxing day and get this posted. I plan to talk about Coronavirus and how I’ve been coping during the lockdown. As well as mentioning a few helpful things that I have been doing to stay motivated and how we can keep our four-legged friend’s stimulation to ensure they remain healthy and happy. Also, if you’re reading this on email, for some reason the photos and links do not fit the layout correctly, which is something I need to sort once I’ve finished my exam. However, simply click on the link to read the post on the blog, and it should be fine. 😊

Let’s jump straight into today’s post!

Coronavirus/COVID-19 🦠

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COVID-19 has been spreading like wildfire around the world, and the UK has been in lockdown since the 23rd of March. Thankfully, though, the government is slowly starting to ease the restrictions in place, but depending on whereabouts you’re reading this from, then you may not be in lockdown, or maybe you’re coming out of lockdown, or just entering lockdown. But the chances are that at some the point, if not already, you and your four-legged friends will experience lockdown.

I’ve been finding it alright, apart from the odd bit of motivation lack which is to be expected. Though, I’m thankful that none of my family or friends has caught the virus and I hope you can say the same! These are scary times for us all, but the one thing we must do is remain as rational as possible and do our bit. Whether you’re an AMAZING health care worker, who I cannot thank enough for your bravery and frontline hard work, or you’re an everyday individual who is being asked to stay at home to fight the curve and give our hospitals a chance. We all have a part to play.

One of the ways I have managed to stay calm and clear-headed during this pandemic is by focusing on what I can control and not on what I cannot. Dividing what is and isn’t in our control, is the core theme of Stoic philosophy which is a philosophy I choose to live my life by. Below I’m going to list a few ways I have managed to stay somewhat sane during the lockdown, and I hope by doing so, it will help you if you’ve been struggling or currently finding lockdown difficult.

Coronavirus Help

  • Stoicism
  • Yoga 🧘‍♀️
  • Walks with my girls 🐕
  • Writing & Journaling ✍️
  • Talking with great friends

Above are some of my daily practices. Routines are essential, and I’ve found that having a routine has increased my productivity massively. All of the things I do daily help me stay motivated and get stuff done.

I have a morning routine in which I get up early and write in my journal while having my morning cup of tea. I then head into the office to do my morning yoga session. Afterwards, the girls and I go for about an hour walk while I listen to an audiobook or podcast, which is a game-changer for getting me in a positive mood. Once home, I make breakfast for my partner and me and at 8.30 am, I head into the office to start my morning writing routine until 10 am. Finally, I begin my study routine at 10 am till 2.30 with a half an hour break for dinner, starting at 12. 

If you’re struggling with motivation due to lockdown and your routine being turned on its head, then creating a schedule may help. Pick a few important things that you know will make you feel happy for getting done, then schedule them into your routine. I find my head works best in the morning, which is why after 2.30 pm, I mainly have everyday tasks to do, such as walking the girls, replying to emails, scheduling social posts, cleaning the house and making tea.

How to keep our pets stimulated during a lockdown?

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Now we know how to keep ourselves motivated and happy during the lockdown, how do we do the same for our four-legged friends? Thankfully, this post has you covered as I’ve brainstormed a few simple things you can do so.

  • Daily Training Sessions

A simple and effective way to keep your canine friend stimulated is to schedule a 30-minute daily training schedule. Training is a great way to ensure your pup is getting their mental energy out and a benefit is that you will hopefully have a better-behaved pooch afterwards. Here is a link to a wonderful training video series on YouTube from one of the best dog content creators out there Dogumentary TV.

If you do start implementing daily, or even weekly training session into your routine, then check out one of our many raw feeding friendly treat recipes. My girls love these tasty treats, and they are easy to make as well as inexpensive.

Below is a small list of Nia and Lily’s favourites:

  • Take your pet on a very long walk!

A significant benefit of the current situation which we are all in is that we can now take our pooches on a super long walk, due to having more time in the day. Pick the best time for yourself and take your pet out on a two hour walk, or longer if you like. If there is a field or somewhere you can let them have a run around that’s even better.

  • Hide your pets toys around the house 🏠

A simple but fun game I like to play with little Lily mainly as Nia doesn’t seem that interested in, is hiding her ball around the house. Once hidden, she has to sniff it out and sometimes she gets it quickly, other times it takes her a little longer. It’s defiantly a great way to ensure your four-legged friend is stimulated.

  • Get a flirt pole!

Honestly, the last few weeks we’ve used the flirt pole daily with the girls and Romeo the Rottie. It’s been invaluable for tiring them out, and our flirt pole has lasted almost two years now, though the string did break off earlier this year and the tug well before that. However, we did a little DIY job, and it’s perfect now if you want a simple, fun and inexpensive way to tire your canine companion out, then get one! You won’t regret it. To learn more about how fantastic flirt poles are, check out my previous post on the blog; Squishy Face Flirt Pole, pet product review.

  • Play dog TV, or a nature program

This next one might sound a bit odd, but there are defiantly some dogs who like watching dog tv. Nia isn’t too fussed, but little Lily loves to watch nature programs, her favourite being The Hunt on BBC by David Attenborough. She’s not overly amazed by dog tv episodes which are on YouTube, but nature programs she loves! Give this one a go with your pet and see if they take an interest.

  • Make or get a snuffle mat

A snuffle mat is a product which I am yet to try for the girls, but I’ve heard great things. However, you can make a snuffle mat for your canine friend with little effort for a fraction of the price companies are charging. Here’s a link to a video on YouTube which shows you how to do just that.

  • Get your pet a Kong Dog or Cat Toy

Kong is one of the most famous pet toy manufacturers, and if you haven’t got your pet a Kong Dog Toy, or a Kong Cat Toy, then should do so. My girls love their Kongs, and although we got the Pooss a little one to try, she is as uninterested as she possibly can be. However, Nia and little Lily love their Kongs, and they have them about twice a week. Something I love about these products is that they are super durable and you can fill them with a mixture of foods. I’ve added a few links to Amazon if you want to purchase one for your four-legged friend. If you use the link, it will help support the blog at no extra cost you! 🙏

These are just a few simple suggestions which will hopefully help you keep your canine friend occupied during the lockdown. I’ve also added links to some of our popular posts below which you might like:

Thanks for checking in and reading today’s post. I’m pleased to tell you that last month, epoch. pet achieved almost 2000 views and 1,400 visitors which is more than we’ve ever had. I plan to step my blogging game up over the next few months; I even want to set a little affiliate link store up on the blog as you guys have been using my amazon links more often, so thank you so much! Stick around for updates coming soon. I hope today’s post helps you feel a bit more productive during the current craziness, and I’m grateful to have to keep my mind occupied.

If you haven’t already, then please do subscribe to the blog and join lots of other pet parents who are part of this beautiful community. I’m going to have a lovely relaxing day in the spring sunshine but as always take care! 🙌

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