Homemade Treats

Welcome to epoch.pet’s homemade treat page, where you can find a wide array of healthy treat recipes for your canine and feline friend. I’ve been making my girls homemade treats for years now as it is fun, simple and easy.

A benefit of doing so is that you will know what your pet is eating, which is excellent because some mass-produced pets treats are filled with nasty chemicals, preservatives and fillers, which I don’t want to be giving my precious pets.

On this page, you can find a break down to links to our pet treat recipes and most popular articles.

Raw Feeding Friendly Pet Treats

These treats are Prey Model Raw (PMR) friendly, as well as BARF. However, the treats listed below are solely for raw feeders who opt for the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food method (BARF) and not for PMR feeders due to some of them contenting various fruits and dairy.

Frozen Pet Treats

These tasty frozen treats are great when your canine friend could do with a little cool down in the spring or summer heat.

Other Treats

Birthday Cake Recipe

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