Raw Feeding

  • What is raw feeding?

  • Why we should raw feed our companion animals on a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet or a Prey Model Raw diet

  • And learn a little bit about my raw feeding adventure so far.

There are so many reasons to start your pet on a species appropriate diet and I will mention a few down below.

So let’s get started learning all about the best feeding method for your canine and feline friends!

Let’s start by answering the question, what is Raw Feeding?

Well, raw feeding is when you feed a domesticated carnivore a diet that consists of

  • Raw muscle meat.

  • Raw edible meaty bones.

  • Raw organ meat.

It is all natural feeding method that will provide your pet with all their nutritional requirements and keep them strong and fit so they can live a happy and healthy life.

There are two main models of raw feeding and both are great options are great but have some small differences.

The two raw feeding models are

  • Prey Model Raw (PMR) or Whole Prey model.

  • BARF Model (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding or Bones and Raw food).

To learn more about these two models head over to our other raw feeding pages.

Why feed your pet a raw diet?

Now we know what raw feeding is, we should know why to feed our pets a raw diet?

  • It is an all natural diet which means no harsh chemicals, preservatives or nasty ingredients are present in your pet’s food.

Since you are giving your pet a diet that consists of raw meat, raw edible bones and raw offal their meals are free from all the nasty stuff that overly processed commercial pet food can contain.

  • Feeding a raw diet is superior to an overly processed commercial diet.

This is due to a verity of reasons such as nutritionally superior protein sources, lower carbohydrates, and no harsh chemicals, fillers or preservatives.

  • A raw diet mimics what our dogs closest ancestor the Grey wolf would eat in the wild.

Don’t forget that your furry friend is actually 98.8% similar in its genetic makeup to a Grey Wolf, which means they still have the exact digestive system and should be eating a species appropriate diet to be in optimum health.

To learn more check out our post on Can dogs eat raw meat?

  • Your pet’s diet will be more varied resulting in a happier, healthier pet.

The more variation when it comes to your pet’s diet the better in my opinion, we try to give the girls lots of different protein sources each month and keep their meals exciting.

It is fairly hard when one of my girls, Lily is so fussy and refuses a lot but by providing your pet with different meats, veggies and the odd bit of kefia here and there they will be much happier and healthier.

  • Feeding raw bones will keep your pet’s teeth clean and their gums healthy.

Raw bones are natures toothbrushes for dogs, by feeding your pet a raw diet you will help maintain a clean set of teeth and in turn, have a healthy and happy pet.

Honestly, the list of benefits goes on and on. These are only a few of the many reasons why raw feeding your pet is the best option for ensuring our they live a happy and healthy life.

  • Feeding raw will give your pet a super shiny and healthy looking coat.

What you will notice from feeding your pet a raw diet is how quickly their coat changes from dull and dry, to super soft and shiny. You can tell a raw fed pet from a processed commercially fed one just by looking at them.

  • Your pet will have more energy on a raw diet.

One thing I have noticed from feeding our girls a raw diet since they where pups are how much more energy they have in comparison to my non-raw fed pets in the past.

  • Lastly, a raw diet can help animals who suffer from digestive issues or skin ailments.

A lot of our companion animals suffer from various digestive issues or skin ailments due to the high amount of carbohydrates and other undesirable ingredients that are present in overly processed commercial pet food.

These are just a few of many reasons why you should start your pet on a species appropriate diet.

My Raw Feeding Journey

Up until a few years ago, I didn’t know anything about raw feeding and it was only when we got Nia, that I learned what our pets should really be eating! At first, people think the idea of giving their dog or cat a diet of raw meat is absurd but the truth is it is what they are made to eat.

We have become totally brainwashed into thinking that our pets need to be eating a processed commercially prepared diet of wet food and kibble and this is all because of good advertising.

The truth is that we as pet owners are silently hurting our pets by providing them with a diet that welcomes all kind of harmful diseases such as cancer, diabetes, digestive issues, skin allergies and so much more. The fact that pet obesity is so common in today’s society just proves that what we are giving our furry friends is not appropriate for ensuring they live a happy and healthy life.

But we can change and help many pets and their owners around the world by spreading the word about raw feeding and the amazing benefits it brings to our pets.

We as owners are responsible for ensuring we are doing the best we can do for our pets. So if you don’t raw feed yourself or know people who have no clue that raw feeding even exists, please share epoch.pet and let people know that there is a healthier more natural way to feed our companion animals.

Don’t forget that your dog is 98.8% genetically similar to a Grey wolf and they have the same digestive system, which means our dogs should be consuming a species appropriate diet to suit their genetic makeup. 

Raw feeding gives your pet a varied diet that is suited to their genetic makeup. Both methods focus on feeding your pet a diet that works alongside their biology. Unlike mass-produced commercial diets, raw takes into consideration what our pets are built to eat, which is a high protein and fat diet, with a low functional carbohydrate intake.

Let’s go back to what nature intended!