Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding

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There are two main types of raw feeding and these are

  • Prey Model Raw (PMR) or Whole Prey model.

  • BARF Model (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding or Bones and Raw food).

On this page, we are going to focus on the BARF Model (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding or Bones and Raw food) of raw feeding.

So let’s jump straight in and learn how to start your pet on a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet!


BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding or Bones and Raw food.

This method is a bit more tricky as it’s your responsibility to ensure your pet is getting the correct ratio of muscle meat, bone, and offal. BARF feeders make their pets meals by sourcing separate components of different animals and putting them together to mimic the correct ratio that their pet requires.

The BARF method of raw feeding is great if you have a fussy pet and want to switch or start them on a raw diet, cannot get access to whole prey or just simply prefer this method over Prey Model Raw (PMR).

There are two different feeding methods for Barf feeders and these are:

  • The DIY approach, where you make your pets homemade meals from a verity of proteins, following the BARF percentages.
  • Or you can purchase commercially prepared raw food from raw feeding manufacturers and distributors.

We started out making our girls meals using store-bought minces, chicken legs, offal and Natures Menus minces from Pets at home. However, after a while, we realised how unvaried their meals were and we really wanted to start giving them more verity and adding some whole prey in.

Thankful my partner stumbled across Scruffles Pet Supply’s one night and we have never looked back. We now order our girl’s food online from various companies, it’s so simple and they love how much variety they are getting, unlike before.

If you haven’t checked out our post on Durham Animal Feeds, Raw Food Review then go check it out after reading this as we order the girls food from here every now and then.

To follow the BARF method the percentages are a little different than the Prey Model Raw Approach and this is because of PMR feeders don’t believe it is acceptable to feed their pets any dairy, ver or fruit matter or supplements. The BARF percentages are as follows

  • 70% muscle meat.

  • 10% Raw meaty bones.

  • 10% offal (5% of this must consist of liver!)

  •  10% fruit, veg or dairy such as kefia, goats milk or other appropriate diary sources, not cows products. 

The Benefits of Feeding the Barf Method

Barf, Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding or Bones and Raw Food.
  • Have easy access to raw food.

Since the BARF approach is a DIY method then it is very easy to get hold of different proteins to feed your pet. You could go to your local supermarket or butchers and get a mixture of different meats or you could do what we do and order from a raw feeding distributor.

Either way, you won’t struggle to get hold of raw food.

  • This method allows you to add some fruit, veg, and dairy into your pet’s meals.

Lily loves her veggies!!

We know that PMR feeders don’t believe that their pets should be consuming fruit, veg, and dairy but when following the BARF method it is totally fine in moderation.

We love to give our girls:

  • Kefia
  • Goats milk
  • And a small amount of fruit such as Blackberries or Blueberries as a treat every now again or on the side of their meals.

Kefia is filled full of healthy probiotics and is great for maintaining a good balance of healthy gut bacteria. Please don’t give your pet cows dairy products as it is not easily digestible and most cows milk from Europe contains A1 beta-casein which is pro-inflammatory.

I hope you all liked learning about the BARF method of raw feeding and if you do decide to start your pet on a raw diet do let us know. To learn about the other model of raw feeding, Prey Model Raw then simply head over to our Prey Model Raw (PMR) page.

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