Durham Animal Feeds, Raw Food Review.

Hey, fellow pet lovers! 

Today’s post is a short review of Durham Animal Feeds. Last month we placed our first order with these guys and so far everything has been great!!

Yesterday we placed our second order and I am so excited for our freezer to be restocked and full of tasty food for the girls. We were ordering from Scruffles Pet Supplies beforehand and still do occasionally but thought we would give somewhere new a go. When we first started raw feeding we followed the DIY BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw food) approach but for the last two years we have been ordering our girls food online as it is so much easier and saves us a lot of time.

If you’re a raw feeder who is struggling to find a good or constant supply of raw food for your furry friends then ordering from an online raw food supplier is definitely a good option.

Let’s jump straight in and learn all about Durham Animal Feeds (DAF).

Durham Animal Feeds (DAF)

Durham Animal Feeds (DAF) is a third generation family owned and operated business, currently and proudly in its third generation. From its original inception in 1969, Durham Animal Feedshas worked hard to earn its reputation as a company right at the forefront of its industry”.

To learn more head over to their About us page on their website.

They stock a wide range of products such as:

  • Raw food.

  • Treats and Accessories.

  • And dry and wet food.

I am going to list everything I love about this company, I know we haven’t placed many orders but so far everything has been great and I cannot fault them, so hopefully all stays this way.

  • Great price and overall quality of raw food.

There are quite a lot of things that I like about this company, one being the price and the quality of their products. They make a large variety of raw food and have a huge selection all for a great price.

You can expect to get 6 and a half kilo for as little as £10 which is AMAZING!! They offer large bags of bones and it is a great one-stop shop if you have a hungry pack to feed. So far my girls have liked almost everything we have given them, Nia has eaten everything but Lily turned her nose up at their chicken and lamb complete. But I am not kidding you Lily is one of the pickiest pooches on the planet. However, Romeo the Rottie hasn’t had any complaints yet, which is great.

  • Free Local Delivery.

The next thing that I really like about Durham Animal Feeds is that they provide free local delivery if you make your order over £50 and order by a certain date. You must live in the delivery zone to get free delivery as they use their own vans, but thankfully we do and this is great as It means we can spend a little bit more on the girls each month since we don’t have to pay postage.

  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging.

person s left hand holding green leaf plant
Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com

This year we have really tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we purchased a water distiller so we no longer buy bottled water, we buy cleaning products that are natural and are trying to do the best we can. One thing that really frustrated me when we order from Scruffles Pet Suppliers is how much packaging we have to chuck away but with Durham Animal Feeds you can choose to have your raw food delivered in environmentally friendly packaging, which I really love!!

This is not only better for the environment but also means you save on bin space and don’t have to feel bad about cluttering the planet. You just simply choose recycled packaging at the checkout.

  • A simple and nicely designed website that is easy to use.

One of the worst things ever is when you go on a site and it is horribly designed, it puts me off so much that depending on how awful the usability and design is I sometimes just leave. However, Durham Animal Feeds have quite a nice simple site that is really easy to navigate and use. This means you can easily order your pet’s food in a few clicks with very little fuss.

  • Customer Service Rating, 5 out of 5.

Durham Animal Feeds customer service rating is five starts which is very reassuring to know and like I say we haven’t ordered very much from this company but so far everything seems great and they have a lot of happy customers who seem to agree.

  • Handy sized packets of raw food.

Possible my favourite thing about this company is that their raw food comes in packets that weight, 454 grams. This is so much better than receiving raw food in one-kilo blocks as it can be a bit of a pain to portion them up, especially tripe!! So by having them in such small packets, it means we just defrost and feed the girls without having lots of extra bits in the freezer.

  • Durham Animal Feeds was established in 1969.

Another thing I want to mention is how long this company has been around, they have been helping pet parents feed their furry friends for almost 50 years which is amazing. If they are still around after all that time then they must be doing something right.

  • Their tripe is seriously smelly!!!

I just want to give you guys a quick heads up in case you do place an order with Durham Animal Feeds and decide to stick some tripe on there. I thought The Dogs Butchers tripe was bad but this stuff is a whole new level!! Honestly, some of the worst smelling tripe my unfortunate nose has ever had to smell, I definitely suggest wearing gloves when feeding it, no joke.

However, my girls love it and the more smelly the better for them so I can live with it as long as they are happy. For all you non-raw feeders out there when or if you do embark on your raw feeding adventure you will soon discover the horrific smell of green tripe, the first time I smelt it I was confused as to how my girls even found that edible but don’t be worried, it smells awful but does your pooch a world of good.

Thanks for checking in guys and I hope you liked this post. If you like in the UK I definitely suggest ordering from Durham Animal Feeds, as I think you can just pay for delivery from an independent courier if you don’t live in the local delivery zone. Also if you have a large pack or a large breed and they cost a lot to feed, Durham Animal Feeds products are really good value and might save you an extra bit of money each month.

If you haven’t checked our post out on The Benefits of Feeding a BARF or PMR diet. then you should definitely give it a read, especially if you’re not a raw feeder, as it will tell you all the amazing health benefits of starting your pet on a species appropriate diet. Also, stick around for next weeks frozen treat recipe, that your pets are going to love!!

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  1. Marc that would be great!! Katzenworld is a wonderful blog and It would be lovely to do a guest post. I have a crazy cat myself who rules the house and reading about your bunch Oliver, Nubia & Renegade on your about us page has been lovely. I will be sure to get in touch sometime soon 🙂


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