Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Treats for your Canine Companion.

Hey, fellow pet lovers!! 

Today’s post is a short and simple one all about how to make your canine friend their very own heart-shaped treats. Some of you may have read our previous post from last week which was Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers and within this post, I mentioned I was going to make Nia and Lily some heart-shaped treats.

So let’s jump straight into today’s post and learn how to make your canine friend these tasty treats!!

Homemade Heart-Shaped Treats

white black and red person carrying heart illustration in brown envelope
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Valentine’s day is only two days away and for those of you who are treating your canine friend to a gift or two, you should enjoy today’s post. Today’s treats are incredibly easy to make and can be adapted to suit even the fussiest of pets.

What you will need to make these treats?

  • Heart-shaped moulds or any shape you like.

Here is a link to the moulds I used from Amazon, they are super cheap and worked wonderfully. To order yours simply follow the link and head to Amazon, Generic Heart Shape Silicone Chocolate Cake Jelly Candy Mould Exclusive to Risai Enterprise. (15 Heart Mold) – Exclusive to RISAI.

*By purchasing through these links you are supporting epoch.pet as we get a small amount of commission, with no extra cost to you. This money helps keep the blog up and running and allows us to purchase pet products to review on our site. I only ever review products that my girls have tried and tested and that I think are great!

  • Low sugar berries such as Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries or Cranberries.

I opted for Raspberries as I wanted the lovely red colour they produce but if you have a fussy pet who doesn’t like these delicious berries, then simply use another low-sugar berry.

  • Yoghurt or Kefir.

Stick around for this Saturday’s post which is going to talk all about the many benefits of adding Kefir into your pets diet and also a homemade recipe with a link to Kefir grains to help get you started.

  • A freezer to place and store your treats in.

As you can see there really isn’t much that you need to make these simple yet delicious hearts, so once you have everything you need let’s get started making them for your canine friend.

Step 1, Make your Berry Sauce

food forest blueberries raspberries

The first thing to do is to make your berry sauce layer and I used frozen Raspberries as I wanted that nice red colour. To make your sauce all you need to do is get a small pan and stick your berries in with a little water and allow them to form a jam-like consistency. This should take about 10 minutes on a medium heat but just keep a close eye on your mixture and take it off when done.

I used about 150 grams of frozen Raspberries and just under 100ml of water, however, I did have a tiny bit too much berry sauce left over so just make as much as you need. Once you’ve made your berry sauce you need to strain it to get any seeds or bits of skin out as you don’t want them spoiling the look of your treats.

Step 2, Add your Berry Layer and place in the Freezer

You need to ensure your berry layer is fully frozen before adding your kefir on top otherwise you won’t get the desired look and your layers will mix together. Once you’ve placed your berry layer into your moulds just under halfway full, then place them in the freezer. I used quite small moulds and simply got a small spoon and layered spoonfuls into each mould which worked perfectly!

Once you’ve added your berry layer stick them in the freezer and allow to fully freeze before adding your yoghurt or kefia layer.

Step 3, Add your Kefir Layer

The next thing to do is to add your kefir layer and I used my homemade Goats kefir mixture, simply fill the remainder of your moulds with your Yogurt or kefir mixture.

Step 4, Place Treats in the Freezer to Fully Freeze

Place your heart-shaped moulds in the freezer but make sure they are all level otherwise some of your kefir may spill and spoil the look of your treats, though I’m sure your canine friend won’t care!!

Step 5, Take out and let your Pooch enjoy!!


There you have it, some heart-shaped treats made with love for your canine companion, my girls loved these as they got to try one or two even though they are for Valentine’s day. I love making frozen treats as you can literally do endless variations and if you haven’t checked out our other frozen treat recipes then head over there after reading this.

Let me know if you do decide to make these super simple treats for your pet and make sure to tag us in any photos you share @epochdotpet or use our hashtag #epochdotpet

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