❤️ Why do I love cats so much? ❤️

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Today’s post is all about cats and why I love them so much? I am going to talk about my gorgeous girl Pooss.

I’ve been super busy with my university work this year and have struggled to keep up with my two posts a month. Thankfully, today’s post will be the second this month. Although the first was a concise post which you can check out here, Monday Motivation. I haven’t been able to carve out sufficient time to write with being so busy, meaning today’s post was written in one freestyle go. I hope you enjoy it and that you’re all having a love relaxing Sunday.

Let’s jump straight into today’s post!

Why do I love cats so much?

Pooss 🥰

Above is a photo of my girl Pooss. She is about eight or nine years old, and we’re not certain of her age as we rescued her, but she’s one of the two we know that. She is the sweetest little thing ever, and I have had cats my whole life, as well as dogs; I think I must say that cats are (in my option) easier pets to take care of and bring into the family. That’s not to say that taking care of any pet isn’t a difficult task, but I think cats come with a few extra benefits that getting a dog doesn’t provide. I’ll talk more about these pros later in the article.

Before delving further into today’s post, I want to tell you a little more about Pooss. She’s an indoor cat, not through our choices as we have given her the option to go out and explore, but she doesn’t seem bothered. We get her lots of toys to compensate for the lack of exploration in her little life, though again, she doesn’t seem fussed.

Pooss is, first and foremost, a lazy cat! An ideal day for her is meowing as soon as we get up in the morning to give her breakfast, and then after having successfully achieved said mission, most of her day is spent lazing on the bed. This laziness occurs until it is tea time, and the little lion within is ready to eat again.

We do when she can be bothered to play, spend about half an hour a day (if we’re lucky) with her playing chase around the flat. She loves chasing after laser pens or, as odd as it sounds, hitting small cable ties. But apparently, actual act toys just don’t cut it that much for her. I’ve now learned that she is more likely to enjoy a cardboard box than a KONG toy or other cat-branded toy.

Pooss eats a raw food diet and gets a mixture of tasty delights each week. Her favourite for sure, though, is seafood! It’s funny as she loves salmon, and being someone who has only just tried smoked salmon (Pooss eats it raw), I can see why she loves it so much. As well as fish, she gets chicken thighs for some bone to help clean her teeth.

She can be quite fussy and won’t touch chicken wings even though they would be more apt for cleaning her teeth. She also gets pre-made minces which are great as they have minced liver and organ meat, which are an essential component of a raw food diet. Check out my previous posts on some of her minces we get Nutriment Cat Food Review and Natural Instinct Beef and Chicken Cat Food Review. Lastly, Pooss also gets the odd treat and some supplements on her food a few times a week.

Pooss lives with two dogs, and if you’re a frequent visitor to epoch.pet, then you will already know this. She lives alongside little Lily, a Border Terrier, and Nia, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Thankfully, they all get along well, but Pooss undoubtedly favours Nia more so than Lily. There are some lovely moments when we are all cosy on the sofa watching a movie or TV show which I adore.

The Benefits of Cats

  • They’re independent.

The first benefit that I must list is how independent cats are. In comparison to our canine companions, cats like to be left alone a lot more than dogs. This aspect of feline behaviour is something I admire, and Pooss, although she is needy on a morning and night for her belly rubs, spends most of the day chilling by herself. If you want a pet who will give you love but not smother you, then a cat is a pet you should consider.

  • Cats are so easy to care for!

My girls Pooss is so simple to care for that. She requires very few things. She needs to be fed each day, have access to clean drinking water and a safe environment to feel at home in. She needs an adequate amount of belly rubs each morning and night, and this is a must! She needs to, when she feels like it, stretch her little legs and have a run-around. And the odd dose of catnip in a sock, because actual catnip holders are not as good, she seems to think.

  • If you want to go on holiday they’re an easier pet to find someone to care.

A massive benefit of having a cat as a pet is that they are a lot easier to get someone to care for if you want to go on holiday for a little while. My partner and I have never been abroad because we hate the idea of leaving the girls with someone else and don’t think it’s fair to leave both Nia and Lily with their lovely grandparents.

If you’re torn between getting a cat or a dog, then this is something to think about. When we went camping last September (learn about our awesome trip by checking out this post How to wild camp with dogs?), we took little Lily with us. Nia went to stay with my partner’s parents, and we got someone to come over to our flat and feed Pooss each day, change her water and check that she was fine. Finding someone to take care of your pet pooch is a lot harder.

  • They’re cheaper to take care of than dogs.

Pooss is tiny, and she eats a smaller amount than Nia and Lily. If you want to get a pet but do not want to pay lots for food each month, then a cat is a better option than a canine companion. As well as her food, we pay for insurance, treats and the odd toy, but that’s it. She doesn’t cost a lot to take care of.

  • They’re super CUTE!!! 😍

I think most animals are cute as I am a serious animal lover. But cats may be the cutest things on the planet with their little faces and adorable noises. And how tiny and small they are like kittens.

The list of things I love about cats could go on and on, but for today I am going to leave it at that. If you have a feline friend and you’d like to share a photo in the comments below along with their name and what you love most about them, then please do so. I’d love to see your four-legged friends. Also, if you have any post idea, do head to epoch.pet’s Contact page to drop me a line. I always love to hear what you wonderful pet lovers would like me to write about.

As always, thanks for checking in and reading our monthly content. It means a lot and it helps keep me going when my motivation dips and things get a little crazy trying to juggle everything. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead with your canine and feline friends! Take care and much love from myself and my girls at epoch.pet.

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