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Today’s blog post is super simple and is a three-step treat recipe for your canine friends. My girl Lily has had some smelly breath lately so I’ve finally decided to make some minty breath treats to help freshen it up.

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DIY Frozen Minty Breath Fresheners

DIY Frozen Minty Breath Fresheners, Canine Treat Recipe.

What you’ll need to make these super simple treats for your canine companion?

DIY Frozen Minty Breath Fresheners, Canine Treat Recipe.
  • One Tub Organic full-fat yoghurt
  • 1/2 A Cup Fresh Herbs, e.g. Mint, Parsley, peppermint
  • Food Processor
  • Ice Cube Tray Or Chosen Moulds

Time needed: 9 minutes.

These treats are so simple to make, and my girls love them!! They are protein-packed providing you get full-fat yoghurt which is a must for these treats, also make sure there are no additives in your yoghurt such as sweeteners like Xylitol which could cause your pet serious harm.

  1. Step One, Mix Everything Together.

    The first step is to prepare our ingredients which takes little effort as all you have to do is simply add your yoghurt and herbs into your blender and quickly pulse until everything is nicely mixed.

  2. Step Two, Pour Mixture Into Moulds.

    Now it’s time to transfer your mixture over to your chosen moulds or ice cube trays. I used a few different moulds such as little hearts and small bones since I made a large batch of treats as they stay in the freezer and take up little space. However, use whatever you like, once you’ve found what you’re going to use simply spoon your mixture evenly into your moulds.

  3. Step Three, Place Molds In The Freezer.

    The final step is moving your filled moulds into the freezer to allow your treats to fully set. I left my treats in the freezer overnight but if your pet is impatient they should be fully frozen in about six to eight hours.

Optional Herbs

I’ve added a small list of various other herbs you could use instead of mint and parsley if your pet is super picky. Thankfully, little Lily is a serious lover of herbs and Nia will pretty much eat anything so I opted for both mint and parsley which the original recipe called for and it worked well.

  • Basil
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemerry
  • Oregano

What I’ll do differently next time?

Whenever I first make a treat recipe I always find a recipe I like the look of and start from there, the recipe I followed for today’s post came from, follow the link if you’d like to see the original.

However, next time I make these treats I’m going to do a few things differently, one, use different herbs. I think I’ll do basil and peppermint as my flavour combo next time and also add a little more herbs as I feel it didn’t smell strong enough. If you do decide to give this super simple treat recipe a try then let me know how it goes in the comments below. I have to admit these are the quickest and simplest treats I’ve ever made on the blog, so if you’re new to making treats for your four-legged friend then I’d definitely start here.


If you’d like to order some moulds and personalise your treats for your four-legged friend then I’ve added below a few different styles for you to choose from, to order simply follow the links below. Remember these are only a small handful of the options available, personally, I love the little hearts and use this silicone mould a lot.

If you have a large pooch and would like to make bigger breath treats these large bone moulds should be great. I’ve used them many times before to make various treats such as our Frozen Watermelon & Coconut Water Bones

These smaller moulds are more appropriately sized for small pooches, so if you have a little canine friend then opt for these. *By purchasing through this link you are supporting as we get a small amount of commission, with no extra cost to you. This money helps keep the blog up and running and allows us to purchase pet products to review on our site.

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With Summer already here and each day getting a little warmer than the last, these frozen treats are great for keeping your pet cool during hot Summer days. If you enjoyed today’s post then let me know by hitting that like button or giving it a share, so other pet parents can make their four-legged friends their very own batch of homemade treats.

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