Natural Instinct Beef and Chicken Complete, Raw Food Review.

Hey, fellow pet lovers! 

Today’s post is a review of Natural Instincts beef and chicken complete raw cat food. My girl Pooss absolutely loves their raw food, so much so, that once when we couldn’t order her any since it was all out of stock she actually went on a mini hunger strike.

We have been feeding her Natural Instinct for quite a while now, she does get other meats and raw food from various other companies such as Paleo Ridge but her favourite is definitely Natural Instincts beef and chicken complete. In today’s post, I am going to briefly talk about Natural Instinct and tell you what I like so much about this company and their raw food.

Let’s jump straight in and learn what my girl Pooss loves so much about their beef and chicken complete cat food!!

Natural Instinct 

Natural Instinct is a raw feeding manufacturer that is based in Camberley, Surrey. They have a wide range of products and cater to both cats and dogs, as well as manufacturing and selling their own range of raw cat and dog food they also stock a verity of different products such as

To check out everything they sell head over to their website.

They are a great little one-stop shop for raw feeders and produce simple but great artisan pet food. You can easily order their raw food online from their website or various raw feeding distributors and if you create an online account and refer a friend you will also get a £10 voucher to spend online. We really haven’t tried a lot of their raw food apart from their beef and chicken complete and also their lamb and chicken as Pooss can be quite fussy. However, we will definitely have to try all of their cat food range considering how much she loves their beef and chicken complete.

What I like about Natural Instinct?

Natural Instinct in packaging

  • Their raw food is made in the UK.

The first of many great things to talk about is that Natural Instinct manufactures and packages their raw food in the UK, living in England myself this is great as it means that Pooss’s food hasn’t had to travel far.

  • Veterinary Approved.

Natural Instincts raw food is veterinary approved, this gives us raw feeders peace of mind as we know that they have manufactured great raw food that is nutritionally sound.

  • Their food is tested for essential nutrients.

Natural Instincts test their raw food to ensure all the required nutrients are present and our pets are able to get everything they require from their raw food. Pooss’s fur is always so lovely after she has had their beef and chicken complete which proves how much goodness is inside.

  • Recyclable packaging.

person s left hand holding green leaf plant
Photo by Alena Koval on

This is something that really matters to me when deciding to buy a product from a company, I have been noticing how much waste we humans really create lately since we have been trying our very best to be as environmentally friendly as possible. However, this is a lot harder than you think as almost everything comes in some kind of packaging that isn’t recyclable and when a company offers a great product but puts it in non-recyclable packaging it really puts me off!!

Thankfully with Natural Instinct, we don’t have to worry about that as their packaging is recyclable and their tubs can be reused.

  • Contains no grains, fillers, preservatives or nasty ingredients.

rice wheat field
Photo by Nico Brüggeboes on

Being a raw feeder I stay away from feeding my girls grains, however, most mass-produced commercially prepared pet foods are filled with non-functional grains and carbohydrates such as wheat, potatoes, and corn. These ingredients really don’t do our pets much good and are just there because they are really cheap to get hold of and allow large corporations within the pet food industry to bulk out their wet and dry food and ultimately earn a higher revenue.

Natural Instinct doesn’t put any nasty ingredients in their raw food and this is something I love.  Inside their beef and chicken complete raw cat food there is British Beef Heart (4.9.5%), British Chicken bone (44.5%), British Beef liver (5%), Scottish Salmon Oil, Sea Kelp, Bilberry powder, Brewers Yeast. 

As you can see there is nothing bad about their food and my girl Pooss really cannot get enough of their beef and chicken. The heart is one of her favourite parts to eat so it might be because there is a lot in this complete that she loves it so much!

  • Made using Human Grade Ingredients.

melon on black tray
Photo by Pixabay on

Natural Instinct makes their food using only human-grade ingredients, this is another thing I love about this company, as cats are super picky and if their food isn’t made from good quality ingredients then they will most likely turn their nose up at it. Pooss, however, has never turned her nose up at Natural Instincts food and that proves they source good quality raw materials and their raw food is nice and fresh.

  • Reusable tubs.

Natural Instinct

Every time we order the Pooss some more food we get more tubs as her food comes in white tubs that we wash and use to portion up her food or for storing some of the girl’s leftovers in the fridge for their tea the next day. You can even take one to the park or on a long walk if you forget your travel bowl or misplace it like I always do. These tubs come in super handy and it is a great little extra when ordering from Natural Instinct.

  • Simple to feed, just take out the freezer and defrost.

It doesn’t really get much easier than feeding a raw diet when you buy your pet’s food from a raw feeding manufacturer and are feeding completes. We order the girls food from various suppliers but the cat mainly gets Natural Instinct with a few different proteins and bits of bones here and there to keep her teeth clean.

When her food arrives we simply let it defrost just a little bit so we can cut it up and portion it out for the month. Then all we have to do is lift a little bit out before we go to bed and she has breakfast and tea all defrosted and waiting for her the next day.

  • Great size tubs of raw food.

Another thing I love about Natural Instinct is the size of their raw food Pooss is tiny and eats such a small amount in comparison to Nia and Lily. This means we spend such a little amount on her that we can afford to get her some higher quality food.

We pay £4.60 for 1 Kilo of the Pooss’s beef and chicken complete and this goes a long way. You need to factor in delivery so we just order the Pooss’s food in bulk but she still costs way less to feed than the other two. Natural Instincts food comes in two different sized tubs, you can order two tubs of 500g or two tubs of 250g.

  • They offer a large variety of cat and dog food.

pexels-photo-46024.jpegNatural Instinct offers a good-sized range of raw food, they cater to both cats and dogs and have various rangers to choose from such as

We are yet to try any of their dog food as it would work out a lot more expensive if we solely just ordered from Natural Instinct and Lily is super fussy if we change her food but we will definitely give some a go the next time we put an order in just to see if their dog food is as good as their cat range.

  • My girl Pooss loves their Beef and Chicken!!

As you can see from the happy pictures above my girl Pooss really likes Natural Instincts beef and chicken. I think she likes it so much because it is such a fine past and she is lazy and likes her food already chewed up, as long as she is happy though I am happy and there is no doubt that she loves their food!!

I hope you all liked this post guys if you’re a raw feeder I definitely suggest putting an order in with Natural Instinct as your pet might love their food just as much as mine does. They offer such a wide range of flavours and have various different ranges of cat and dog food for you to try, head over to their website to learn more.

If you are not a raw feeder but are interested in switching your pet onto a species appropriate diet check out our posts on The Benefits of Feeding a BARF or PMR diet, Raw Feeding for dogs: the basics! and Raw Feeding for cats: the basics! We also have our Raw Feeding page that is full of helpful information to get you started.

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3 thoughts on “Natural Instinct Beef and Chicken Complete, Raw Food Review.

    1. Hi and welcome to!

      I’m really glad you’re considering going raw, I have 2 dogs and 1 cat and it actually works out cheaper to feed them all raw diet than a higher quality commercially prepared pet food. We spend on average about 60/70 pound a month. However, if you only have a small dog or are wanting to start a cat on a raw diet it will cost far less.

      We personally use a couple of raw food suppliers at the moment and pay around £2-£3 per kg, to put this in perspective our Staffordshire bull terrier eats around 0.4 kg a day on average without treats, so we’re probably spending no more than £1 pound a day on her food. It pays to shop around and if you have a local online supplier they might do free delivery on specific days of the month which will help with saving some money.

      As for health, a raw diet is by far the best approach for ensuring your pet lives a happy and healthy life and is getting all their nutritional requirements and a healthy pet means fewer vet bills. Check out the many raw feeding posts on the blog or head over to our raw feeding pages to get started and if you require any more help just give me a message.

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