epoch.pet, March Monthly Overview.

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Hey, fellow pet lovers! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the lovely Spring sunshine, I know the girls and I have been loving the warmer weather lately and we’ve had plenty of wonderful walks along the coast. Today’s post is a fairly relaxed one and is a monthly overview for epoch.pet, some of you may […]

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epoch.pet, Six Months On.

Hey, fellow pet lovers! Today is six months since epoch.pet first went live and it is crazy to think how fast the months are going by. Some of you might remember one of my previous posts from June, Recap on why I started epoch.pet and I wanted to write a similar post recapping on some of the […]

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Recap on why I started epoch.pet

Hey, fellow pet lovers!! Yesterday was three months since epoch.pet first went live and I thought it would be a nice change to write more of a personal post that recaps on why I started epoch.pet and the goals I hope to achieve with this blog. If your new to epoch.pet then check out my […]

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