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Katie Stidolph, Founder

Hey, pet lovers & welcome to epoch.pet!

epoch.pet is a pet wellness, and nutrition blog founded from humble begins back in April 2018 by a youthful girl studying a Real Estate degree, which had left her feeling disheartened.

Finally, she decided to take a year out, travel, and have a think about what she wanted to do in life, with limited options but a burning desire to create something, epoch.pet was born. 

Hi & welcome to the place for pet lovers! I’m Katie, founder & chief blogger at epoch.pet. ❤️

epoch.pet has come a long way since April 2018, and I’m pleased to tell you that I’m no longer feeling disheartened by studying a degree I dislike. Now, I’m a blogger at epoch.pet, which is something I genuinely love as well as a full-time student who is studying combined honours in business, philosophy and classics.

Over the last two years, epoch.pet’s community has grown to over 600 followers, who enjoy our monthly content. Initially founded to help pet owners start their canine and feline friends on a raw diet, the blog has changed its focus to promoting a healthy lifestyle for all pets by improving every area of our pets lives.

Being a devoted pet parent myself, I know how important our pets are, and they are part of the family as much as anyone else. That’s why at epoch.pet’s the goal is to try and increase the short, yet precious time we have with our pets by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

epoch.pet does this by producing a wide range of free quality content, from pet treat reviews, diet information, raw feeding guides, honest pet product reviews, and so much more. It’s the home for pet parents worldwide!

The Name?

I thought long and hard about the name; as the name defines the whole brand. I came up with a million options and finally settled on epoch.pet. Why?

Because I knew it was going to be an online brand, so the dot pet made sense, and the word epoch has a deeper meaning. Epoch’s definition from Google states ‘a particular period in history or a person’s life’.

My thinking behind the name was that whenever anyone came on the site, hopefully, it would have a positive influence on theirs or their pets life. Whether that be starting them on a new diet, enhancing their bond or merely finding their pets new favourite toy. 

The Date?

Another insight into epoch.pet, which is quite a personal one, is about the date I choose to go live. April the 20th was my dad’s birthday. My extraordinary dad raised myself and my two older brothers without my mum’s help. He was one of the bravest men I ever knew, and he never once showed his battle scars with cancer while raising me.

My father fought this disease which plagued his whole body by the end, along with other health problems throughout my entire childhood; but I didn’t notice beyond the odd hospital trip, as I was far too young to piece a story together.

However, on the 14th of December, 2009, he passed away, and I was 11. So the reason I went live with epoch.pet on April the 20th, is because it was his birthday and I wanted something that I knew was going to mean a lot to me, to have that personal touch.

Quality Monthly Content

At epoch.pet, I post monthly content all focused on providing you with useful information to help achieve the goal of providing your pet with a healthy lifestyle; because a healthy pet is a happy pet. All my girls are fed a natural diet, and if you’d like to learn more about BARF or Prey Model Raw diets, then we have lots of useful posts on the blog.

As well as dietary information, there are plenty of homemade treat recipes that your four-legged friend will love. I’ve been making my girls homemade treats for years now, and it is a great way to ensure your giving them rewards, with no nasty fillers or harsh preservatives inside. Also, you get a lot more for your money. Below is a list of some of our most popular treat recipes:

These are just a select few of the many posts on the blog; there are over 130 articles to read. Simply use the search bar to find relevant content to help give your canine and feline friend the best life possible.

Why we do what we do?

  1. Help pet parents give their pets the best life possible by creating free quality content
  2. Save pet owners time by honestly reviewing the best pet products on the market
  3. Strengthen the bond between pet owner and pet, resulting in more quality time spent together
  4. Create a community that shares one thing, never-ending love for our pets
  5. Promote responsible pet ownership
  6. Increase the lifespan of our pets by promoting a healthy lifestyle

I started this blog with a strong desire to make a positive difference by improving our pets lives for the better around the world, as well as making pet owners lives a little bit easier.

Being a pet owner is tough, especially when you strive to give your canine or feline friend the best life possible.

Responsible ownership is what epoch.pet is founded on, and I have been amazed to watch this little blog grow from less than a hundred visitors a month to over 1,500.

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Our Mission

We should all commit ourselves to the highest level of care we can provide for our companion animals, as they look to us for all of their needs and their health and wellbeing is in our hands. Being fit and healthy improves the quality of your experience of life, and the same said for our four-legged companions.

The purpose of epoch.pet is to enrich this experience and create an even stronger bond between you and your pet by optimising the time you spend together through play, fitness and nutrition. All while pushing the boundaries of the standard of care.

I want to create a community that all shares one thing, never-ending love for our four-legged companions. Whether you own a cat or a dog, or both like myself; you’re welcome to be a part of epoch.pet. 

Katie Stidolph, Founder