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On this page you can learn all about our furry critics, here at epoch.pet we have four furry ambassadors who review all of our pet products for the blog and they promise to give you their honest review.

My aim is to help you enhance your pet’s life in as many ways as possible and by following this blog you are a part of our furry friend club and you will be sure to find many helpful tips and tricks for enhancing your fur babies life.

Let’s jump straight in and learn about my furry critics and what they like to get up too!


My girl Nia.

Hi, I’m Nia, 3 years old and my birthday is November the 10th. I was an only doggy until mum decided to ask Dad (Aka my favourite human) if it would be a good idea to get me a furry friend to play with, back in 2015.

Now, this seemed like a good idea at the time but I sometimes think I would have been happier an only doggy. It’s not that I don’t love my sister, it’s just she is MENTAL!

And I don’t mean a little mental, she is full blown crazy!!!

Me, on the other hand, I’m super relaxed and love to live out my days on the sofa, bed or lying on the window sill when the heating is on full blast. I’m super friendly and don’t understand why so many people seem to demonise my breed, we’re all just furry balls of love.

I love to eat!!

It’s my favourite part of the day and I definitely think I could win a competition on how fast I can eat my tea because one second my food is there and the next it is gone. Mum calls me greedy guts as I’m never satisfied.

Some of my favourite foods are:

  • Tripe, I love it as we all do
  • Squirrels are my favourite but you cannot say this word to me otherwise I turn into Lily and go MENTAL.
  • And a lot more but if I keep going there won’t be any room left for the rest of the bunch the write there bit.

I help mum with the blog a lot, I let her know what I think of new treats and toys but also allow her to take pictures of my beautiful face so all you lovely people can see it.

Well, I better stop rambling on as it’s nap time and the heating has just come on, plus my little blister (Also know as the sister) Lily needs to tell you guys a bit about herself.

P.S. Don’t forget there are photos of my beautiful face on our facebook page @epoch.pet if you guys ever need a pick me up.


Lily at the beach.JPG

Howdy, I’m Lily, the youngest of my siblings. My birthday is the 11th of November and before mum and dad decided what my name was going to be, my breeders called me Poppy, can you guess why?

I came from a small litter as there was only three of us. I’m quite the opposite of my older sister Nia but in a good way (I think).

I would say my only downside is that I can be a bit hit or miss with certain doggies and that’s why mum and dad had to get me a Hatli but we’re working on it and I’m slowly getting much better!

I am so toy orientated, I have about a million balls and that’s still not enough. I help mum with the blog and I make sure you all get an honest review of each new toy we get, especially balls.

Nia focuses more on food and me more on the toys.

My favourite things to do are going to the park or on long walks, getting cuddles from Mum and Dad and finally eating my tea after a long day of chasing the ball. I am way more picky than Nia, not kidding she will eat almost anything!!!

Me, however, I have fine tastes, I love Paleo Ridges beef lips, Chicken or duck feet, either one will do and lastly Tripe (Much to Mum and Dads disgust, I think it smells delicious!!).

Well, that’s enough from me, Pooss is next to tell you a bit about herself.


the-cat (3)
Meow everyone, I’m Pooss.

I’m the ruler of the house and get what I want when I want (Most days). I have had a bit of a bumpy start to life but can happily say I have found my forever loving home.

I am an indoor cat due to many reasons but my Mum and Dad spoil me rotten and I’m not complaining. I have so many toys, that I am not too bothered about, but I do love my Kitty Cubby (Also know as my Pooss Palace). Another thing I love is my window seat, I get to look out and watch all the birds flying high in the sky, daydreaming about chasing them.

I’m also raw fed like the other two hairy beasts I live with, I like them but love is a bit of a strong word, maybe one day!

My favourite things to eat are Minced Pheasant I won’t touch it is if it whole but I also like chicken, heart and the odd bit of wild salmon.

There’s no way you will catch me eating whole prey or tripe, a chicken leg is as far I will go, Mum, says I’m Lazy.

I help mum with the blog in a variety of ways, one being, allowing her to buy me new toys and treats to review, it’s a hard life. I also provide her with beautiful pictures to stick on the blog, other than that I like to live out my days quietly doing what I want and occasionally annoying Lily.

I’m heading off as the last of the bunch is here to write his bit.


Romeo the Rottie and my girl Lily 🙂

Hi, I’m Romeo the Rottie and I’m good friends of Nia and Lily. We have play dates every month and I always look forward to the weekend as Lily sleeps over sometimes.

We always have so much fun!!

I’m very loud and can sometimes scare people off but I don’t mean to, I’m a gentle giant and once you get to know me all I want is lots of cuddles and the occasional treat. I haven’t always been Raw fed but when I moved into my forever home, when I was one and a half, my Dad started me on a raw diet.

It beats eating kibble and wet food hands down, looking back I don’t understand why they even sell that crap when I could have just eaten delicious raw meat from day one.

I love chasing after the ball and going on long walks as most dogs do. I also love stealing socks and hiding them from Dad, much to his despair as he can never find a pair without holes in.

I grew up an only doggy but have watched CRAZY Lily grow into the amazing friend I have today. My favourite food is also Paleo Ridge’s Beef Lips, lamb and you guessed it, smelly tripe.

I help Katie with the blog by testing out new toys and telling her how long it took me to destroy them and also what was good and bad about it. You can always trust me to give the best review so your furry friend can have the best toys. I also try out new treats and Raw feeding supplies each month.

Well, that’s all for me as I have some toy testing to get back too but will let you know what I think soon enough.

I hope you all enjoyed meeting my girls Nia, Lily and the Pooss, as well as Romeo the Rottie. I couldn’t provide you all with the great information and honest pet product reviews without my furry friends helping me out.

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