Meet My Girls


This is Nia, my three and a half-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. As you can see she is such a cutie and loves to spend her days lazing on the sofa or on our bed. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet and probably the laziest as well!

No joke, we struggle to get her to run after the ball in the park most days. She is that lazy, that we even bought her a little bag to put weights in, so she can it carry around when we go on walkies. As far as temperament goes Nia is faultless, she is great with other dogs, loves everyone she sees and just wants cuddles 24/7.

Nia’s second favourite thing to do in the world is eating, in fact, this may be her first but it’s hard to tell. I would say Nia’s only minor fault is how greedy she can be!! Dinner time is funny at our house as Nia and Lily get fed together and then once they are both done, they rush to each other’s bowls to see what’s left.

Of course, both bowls are always empty!

Overall, Nia is probably the best dog you could ever ask for, she is more like a little toddler than a dog, as all she seems to want is affection. Nia has managed to get a few different nicknames in the last few years and don’t ask me how they came about, they just did. So her first nickname is Nia Papaya which I find so cute and then the other is bums. I know that this is an odd nickname but it one came about when she was a puppy and has stayed ever since.

It is so sad to see in today’s society people consistently stereotyping these amazing dogs as cruel and vicious when they don’t have such a bone in their body! I do not want to rant on about how bad the media is for demonizing such wonderful creatures but if anyone is to blame it is them and the countless number of careless owners of this beautiful breed.

I and my partner, alongside many other responsible owners all around the world, are demonstrating that these stereotypes are nothing but lies and that any dog if it wished, could cause harm to another being. I hope to see a positive change in the way people see and think about these AMAZING dogs and to one day soon see Breed Specific legislation a thing of the past!


This is Lily the youngest out of the two and also the craziest!! She is very cute, maybe even too cute at times. Lily is very different from her older sister but I think this is why they get along so well. Lily’s is 2 and will be 3 on her birthday which is November the 11th. She is a border terrier or terrorist as us owners of the breed say and she’s also the baby of the house.

Lily’s favourite thing to do in the whole world is to chase after the ball, as long as she’s chasing after a ball she is in her element, quite the contrast from lazy Nia. Lily is so active that sometimes we have to stop her from running around at the park or she would literally just keep going until she passes out!

After a fun day of running around at the park, Lily also loves dinner time but can be a lot fussier than Nia. Her favourite things to eat are Beef lips, Lamb, and tripe. Fellow raw feeders out there, you will know how awful the smell of tripe truly is but this doesn’t stop them from tucking in and enjoying every bite.

Thankfully, after three years of handling it, I am starting to get used to the horrible odour!


This is my cat, she has had quite a stressful little life before she came to us but thankfully she has finally found her forever loving home. She looks small and timid but the reality is she rules the house and she gets what she wants when she wants. Her name was Lilith when we first got her but since she has had a whole new start, we thought we should give her a new name, so we were so creative and decided to call her Pooss.

When she arrived she hardly had any fur and was in quite an awful condition, we got her November 2016 and how quickly she has changed and become a healthy little cat is amazing! She was being fed wet food and dry biscuits and this alongside having an awful flea infestation were the two reasons her skin was in such a bad condition.

As soon as we could we switched her to a raw diet and her fur started to grow back and her overall health just kept getting better and better. Now she is a little lion and loves dinner time. Her favourite meats to eat are lamb heart, minced pigeon, and quail.

Having such fabulous animals in my life makes me so happy, and I am truly grateful. When you are having a bad day and get greeted with so much love as soon as you walk through the door, it instantly makes everything better! 

Of course, there can be bad days, like when you were hoovering and didn’t see the poo your adorable little puppy decided to do on the rug and go straight through it, but they’re outweighed by the endless happy memories and unconditional love we all receive from our four-legged friends. ❤️