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We should all commit ourselves to the highest level of care we are able to provide for our companion animals, as they look to us for all of their needs and their health and wellbeing is in our hands. Being fit and healthy improves the quality of your experience of life, and the same can be said for our four-legged companions.’s purpose is to enrich this experience and to create an even stronger bond between you and your pet by optimising the time you spend together through play, fitness and nutrition, all whilst pushing the boundaries of the standard of care.

On the blog, I review various pet products that have been tried and tested by my furry critics, Nia, Lily, Romeo the Rottie and my girl Pooss. If you’re looking for pet products that are going to benefit your canine or feline friends life for the better, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find links to my favourite pet products on the market, that I and my girls love!!

Let’s jump straight in and learn all about some epic pet products that your furry friend deserves!

Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest

My gorgeous girls, Nia and Lily rocking their Xdog Weight and Fitness Vests at the park 🙂 

Theses Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest are one of the best products you can get for your canine!! We got the girls their vests at the start of May and in just a few months they have made such a positive difference to their overall health, fitness and stamina.

What are the benefits of using the Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest?

To learn more read my full blog post, Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest, product review, with 10% off code!

I couldn’t live without these amazing vests and how much they have benefited my girl’s health and well-being is unbelievable. Breakaway from mundane daily walks around the block, combat obesity and join the canine revolution with the Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest.

Xdog weight vest,1

To order your pet their very own Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest and get 10% off simply follow the link below or stick the coupon code epoch in at checkout 🙂

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Ruffwear is a great company that produces high-performance dog gear so we owners can bring our furry friends along with us on our fun adventures. The company was founded in 1994 by Patrick Kruse and they manufacture a lot of different pet products to suit all breeds and variously sized pooches.

We have had this harness for such a long time now, it started out as Nia’s puppy harness and then got handed down to Lily. For the price, this harness is amazing and honestly great quality considering we have had it for almost four years now, have used it almost daily and it is still in great condition. To learn more read my full post, Ruffwear Front Range Harness, product review.

To order your pet their very own Ruffwear Front Range Harness, simply follow the link below.

Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness, Small Breeds, Adjustable Fit, Size: Small, Orange Poppy, Front Range Harness, 30501-801S

*By purchasing through this link you are supporting as we get a small amount of commission, with no extra cost to you. This money helps keep the blog up and running and allows us to purchase pet products to review on our site. I only ever review products that are tried and tested by my girls and I think are great!

AniForte’s BARF Complete Supplement

AniForte is a German company that was founded in 2013 by the Görges family, they offer a range of products such as

  • Dog and Cat food.

  • Various nutritional supplements for dogs, cat, and horses.

All my girls are fed a raw food diet and If you’re a BARF, (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding or Bones and Raw Food) feeder then this is a great addition to your pet’s diet. As it ensures they are always getting a good source of minerals and essential nutrients, in case you are missing anything out of their overall diet.

To learn more about AniFortes BARF Supplement and get the link to order your pooch their very own tub then read my full post, AniForte’s BARF Complete Supplement Review.

Catit Products

My girl Pooss 🙂 

Pooss is an indoor cat and always has been, therefore we need to find great pet product to enhance her life for the better and ensure she gets enough mental and physical stimulation each and every day.

We do this by getting her a variety of products but mainly Catit products since she seems to love them and most of their products integrate together, which means you don’t have a million and one cat products lying around making your home look a mess.

Here are two of my favourite Catit products we have ever got Pooss and I think are essential for any house cat.

  • Catit Senses Grass Planter.

This is one of the best Catit products out there and Pooss loves that she has her very own little lawn to munch on. Since she cannot go outside like a normal cat can she gets her very own grass-grown for her, so she doesn’t miss out.

To learn more about the Catit Grass Planter and get the link to order your pet their very own, then read my full blog post, Catit Senses Grass Planter, product review.

  • Catit Water Fountain.

This is another one of Catit’s great products and is essential for our girl Pooss.

We got Pooss this water fountain when we noticed she was struggling to pee and wasn’t drinking much at all. We found out she had water infection but thankfully, all is fine now and she is back to normal self, thanks to the Catit water fountain.

To learn more about dehydration in cats and get the link to order your pet their very own Catit water fountain then read my full post, Catit water fountain, product review.

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