EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test

EasyDNA’s Dog Allergy Test is a simple and effective method for finding out what your pet is and isn’t sensitive to. We ordered Nia a Dog Allergy Test from EasyDNA, and this cost us £85, and it took a few weeks until we received our results via email.

This allergy test tests for over 100 allergens and gives you a clear idea of what could be causing your pet’s problems. There are many factors that could cause your pet to suffer from an intolerance or sensitivity.

I want to quickly mention that an allergy is different from food intolerance or sensitivity since food allergies normally involve signs that occur immediately. An example of an allergy is someone coming out in hives after eating food that they are allergic to, or someone who is allergic to peanuts eats something with them in and instantly goes into an anaphylactic shock.

Whereas a food intolerance or sensitivity builds up over time, it could take months or years of your pet being exposed to the antigen. There are many signs that could indicate that your canine or feline friend is suffering from food intolerance or sensitivity.

A few signs are:

  • Constant ear infections
  • Itchy pet
  • Excessive licking of their paws
  • Red, yeasty ears, paws or skin

Personally, this allergy test has made a massive difference for Nia as she has become less itchy due to no longer eating foods that she is highly sensitive to such as, chicken or duck. If your pet is suffering from any of the clinical signs of food sensitivity, then order a test to find out what you need to eliminate from their overall diet.

To learn more about the test and Nia’s results read the full blog post, My Itchy Dog, EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Results.

To order your pet, an EasyDNA Allergy Test follow the link below:

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