Sleepy Fox; The Cave Bed by Kona Cave. ❤️

Hey, fellow pet lovers!

I hope you’ve been well since I last posted at the very start of the month. It’s been a super busy one for me as I have been working on my semester one essays for university. Thankfully, I handed in my final one on Friday.

Today, I want to post a review of a dog product which I love! We got the girls a new bed as their Christmas gift, and it is such a comfy bed that after a whole month of use, I think it’s time to write a review. So today, I’ll be writing a short review of the Sleepy Fox Cave Bed.

Let’s jump straight into todays post!

Sleepy Fox; The Cave Bed

Above is a photo of the Lily in their new bed which the girls’ got as a Christmas gift. I spent months looking for the right bed, but I couldn’t find one that would provide them with everything I wanted. I need to get some decent photos of Nia and Lily, in their bed as I haven’t had time to snap any high-quality ones yet so I plan to use my good camera and add some into the post next month. However, I’ve added a link to the companies website if you want to see what it looks like.

After months of searching, my partner started to help, and he came across the Sleepy Fox bed. Nia loves to hide under the sheets so as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect fit. Not only did it look super comfy, but it also looked stylish.

Although I couldn’t get the colour I wanted, as initially, I wanted the darker grey one, but it was out of stock, and after waiting a few weeks, I decided to opt for the light grey one that still looks great.

Before delving into the bed’s details, I want to talk a little about the story behind the bed. So Sleepy Fox is a sister brand to the larger Kona Cave. After checking out their About Page, I found out they had a lovely little story about how this bed came.

The founder, Kristen Geldermann, had a successful career in the fashion industry and was an executive at Polo Ralph Lauren. However, she took a break from her career, travelled and fell in love. Deciding to leave the fashion industry altogether, she moved to Germany with her little Jack Russel called Kona.

As with most new things, such as a new relationship, little Kona was no longer sharing a bed. Therefore, Kristen had to find Kona the best bed possible; one that would be just as comfy if not more than sleeping in her bed.

After much searching, she couldn’t find one that would do. With all her knowledge of the fashion industry, she decided she would make one her self. If she can’t find the perfect bed for Kona, then she’ll have to create it. She spent two whole years researching and creating bed design prototypes. After years of testing, the Snuggle Cave Bed was born.

I love the back story behind the creation of the Kona Cave company; it’s so sweet!

The Sleepy Fox brand is a sister company of Kona Cave and it has so many wonderful features like:

  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • It’s vegan friendly.
  • It is ethically made in Europe.
  • It is stylish.
  • It is super comfy.
  • They offer both cat and dog caves.
  • It feels really well made!

My girls really love it, and I think I might end up getting Pooss one later this year. But she does prefer sleeping in random spots around the house more than an actual bed, so we’ll see.

If you’d like to check out their Website, follow the link as you can find out all the information you need regarding sizing and join their Snuggle Club.

Thanks for checking in and reading today’s short post. It was a bit of a last-minute rush to get this second post out this month as I’ve been so busy with university work.

My goal is two a month, so I will try my best to stick to it. Remember, if you have any questions or post suggestions about the blog; please get in touch with me by heading to the Contact Page.

I hope this month has been a good one for you despite all the COVID craziness that is still going on. Having such amazing pets surely helps us live in the present moment though. Next month is Valentines Day, so I love related posts heading your way; stick around those.

Until then, stay safe and take care! ❤️

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