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Today is Halloween, (though I’m posting this article a little late), and I hope you all have a fantastic day with your four-legged friends no matter what you have planned.

I’m not sure how this year’s Halloween will work, I mean the idea of kids going trick or treating in a pandemic and taking candy from others when we are following social distancing rules, doesn’t sound like the smartest idea to me. Hopefully, you and your family still manage to have a fun Halloween, whether trick or treating is a thing this year or not.

In today’s short post I want to share with you some simple tips on how to have a safe Halloween with our canine and feline friends, and some photos of Nia, Lily, and Romeo.

Let’s jump straight into today’s post & learn how to have a safe Halloween?

Halloween 2020

person wearing red hoodie

Photo by Sebastiaan Stam on Pexels.com

Halloween is here and being an adult; I no longer have that childlike excitement which is so prevalent during this autumn holiday. However, I have fond memories of trick or treating with my friends and family and getting dressed up. Halloween for me is now a calm night in with my partner and our girls, where we watch a horror movie, eat tasty food, and cuddle up on the sofa.

But, if you have kids or young family members who still get to enjoy the Halloween excitement, then I’m sure your night is very different. Though I’m not sure how this year will go and I hope, if trick or treating isn’t a thing, you still find fun activities for them too with your family. Whatever you have planned, I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

Five Rules For a Safe Halloween with Pets

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Rule 1: Hide the candy & human sweet treats!

halloween candies

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

An obvious thing to do when it comes to keeping our pets safe this Halloween is to hide the candy and sweet treats that they will no doubt want to eat, and if they can get their hands on it, they likely will. Thankfully, we don’t get candy as we live in a flat, so we don’t get trick or treaters, but if you do have sweet treats in your home, keep them locked away in a cupboard and only bring them out when you need to.

To learn more about toxic foods to avoid for our pets then check out one of my previous posts, Toxic Foods To Avoid For Our Canine & Feline Friends!

Rule 2: Walk your dog before it gets dark!

man holdingwalking dog

Photo by Tom Verdoot on Pexels.com

A great tip to help keep your pet happy and calm on Halloween is to take them out before it gets too dark, as this is when the streets are filled with people in scary costumes and fireworks. If you can, take them out for more than one walk and let them have some time off the lead running around or doing whatever they love, as this will help to trie them out more.

Rule 3: Provide a safe hiding space!

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Another essential rule is to provide your pet with a safe hiding space. Halloween can be scary for our pets due to everything being different, the house is decorated differently, people are wearing funny costumes, and there usually are fireworks going off for most of the night. All of these things can cause our pets distress, so you must ensure you have created a safe hiding place for them, where they can go to get away from everything that is taking place.

To learn more about how to keep our pets calm during fireworks, check out one of my previous posts, Bonfire Night, Fireworks, Frightened Pets & How we can help?

Rule 4: Be cautious when opening doors so your pet doesn’t escape.

If you have pets, who like to make a run for it, then ensure they are locked in another room when it comes to opening your door to happy trick or treaters.

Also, ensure your pet is microchipped, which I’m sure most readers if not all, will have their pets chipped already. To learn more about the importance of microchipping, check out a previous post I wrote, National Check the Chip Day! Which talks more about this critical topic.

Rule Five: Never force your pet to wear a costume!

🎃 Pumpkin Pooss 🎃

An obvious rule is never to force your pet to wear a costume if they seem uncomfortable or unhappy, then take it off them. My girls thankfully, don’t seem too fussed wearing an outfit. Though, Pooss got a pass this year as she didn’t seem overly impressed the previous year. Although dressing our pets up is super cute and funny, if you have any feelings that your canine or feline friend is unhappy, then don’t do it!

Lily The Spider 🕷

This year Lily was a spider, which is a bit more spooky than her previous costume of being a Bat Dog. If you have any suggestions for next year, then leave them in the comments below or head over to our Contact Page and drop me a line.

Nia The Pumpkin 🎃

Romeo The Lion 🦁

Above are some photos of my fabulous pack of canines. Although Romeo was a lion which isn’t that scary and is less Halloween apt than Nia as a pumpkin, or Lily as a spider, it’s safe to say they all looked super cute funny. If you dressed your pet up this Halloween, then post a picture below or over at our social accounts. #HappyHalloween #epochdotpet

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s Happy Halloween post and I know I haven’t got round to posting lately, things have been a little crazy with starting university again.

However, I hope to maintain two blog posts a month from now on, and for those of you who have been here from the start, you will remember that I used to post twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday. I’ve been thinking, and I think Saturday is a better day for me to post than Tuesday, and from today I will be changing my posting schedule to Saturday’s.

Thanks for checking in and for being the awesome pet parents that you are! It’s been a tough year for us all, and the UK is entering another lockdown expected to last until the 2nd of December, with the hopes that we can get the numbers of COVID cases down so families can come together this Christmas. So I do hope you, your four-legged friends, and your loved ones are safe and well.

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