How to wild camp with dogs? Adventures with Little Lily.

Hey, fellow pets lovers!

I hope you’ve all been well since my last article! In today’s post, I want to talk about wild camping with dogs and how you can go about doing so with your canine companion; if wild camping is something, you’re potentially interested in doing.

If you read any posts from last month, then you will already know that my partner and I were planning on going to Scotland with Lily for a few days of wild camping, but that unfortunately never happened due to bad weather. However, we did manage to get a short two-day camping trip to Kielder Forest in at the start of this month, which is what I will be talking about today.

Wild Camping With Little Lily ❤️

Above are a few photos from our two-day adventure, and I love the picture of myself, my partner and Lily the most, her face is so funny! Overall we had a lovely little trip away, though, I’m not sure Lily enjoyed it as much as we had hoped she would.

Last time we went camping it was in 2016 and Lily was just a puppy, and we had Nia with us also. However, this time we were unable to bring Nia along since we were travelling there on the motorbikes and she is too large to carry. So I think Lily felt a tad confused as to why we had just upped and left without Nia and the Pooss.

Although she did enjoy certain parts of the trip, I think we won’t be going on many more camping trips unless we get a van or car and can do so in more comfort and bring Nia along with us. One thing is for sure, though, Lily loved wandering around the forest and chasing after her ball, her little wild spirit came alive, and she embraced the beautiful wilderness.

Now we’ve talked about our little adventure, I want to mention what we brought with us.

What should you take with you when wild camping with dogs?

  • Appropriate food & Treats
  • Water & Food Bowls
  • Leads, Harnesses, Collars
  • Flashing Light Attachment
  • Doggy First Aid Kit
  • Tick Remover

Above is a small list of what we took camping and below I plan to go into a little more detail.

Storage Space was Limited!

If you have more space to take a bed and blanket with you for your canine companion, then I’d suggest doing so, but Lily shared our sleeping bags, sheepskins and mats, as you can see above we didn’t have much storage space to take her an additional bed.

Natures Menu Dog True Instinct Complete Dinner – Mixed Multi-pack 6x120g

In terms of food, our frequent readers will already know that I raw feed all my girls, but we couldn’t take raw food with us due to not having any safe means of storing it, so we opted for freeze-dried food instead. The freeze-dried food we went for was True Instincts Chicken and Beef packs. Lily seemed to enjoy them, and I’m pleased to say they didn’t give her much gas, which was pleasant as we all had to share a little tent.

Another essential thing to take camping is a doggy first aid kit; you can pick these up online, but we made a DIY one as we already had a lot of useful first aid things lying about the flat.

I had a little search on Amazon to see if I could place a positively reviewed one in today’s post to make it a little easier for you wonderful pet owners. However, to be honest, they all seemed overpriced, so I’d suggest just making your own and then you can adequately tailor it to your dog’s needs.

A tick remover is a must when going camping with dogs and I’m thrilled to say that Lily didn’t have any ticks on her this time around, unlike our last camping trip. Above are two links to the tick removers we have and took camping with us, this one is a must on the list!

Food and water bowls are essential, and we opted for some silicone ones that folded down as storage space was sparse, again I’ve added links to the bowls we purchased for our trip. Check out this post which I wrote previously, that talks about fleas and ticks in a lot more detail.

Something I bought from Pets at Home before leaving for our trip was a small flashing light attachment as I wanted to have one on Lily at all times encase she decided to run off at any point.

Though she was on the lead for a fair amount of the trip, she did have some freedom, so I wanted to have a flashing light on her, encase she ran off, and we needed to try and see her in the dark.

I couldn’t find the exact one which I purchased for Lily, but I did manage to find a similar one which you can buy by following the link above. By purchasing through these links, you are supporting as we get a small amount of commission, with no extra cost to you. 🙏

Summary of Our Camping Trip

Overall, I had a great time even though I didn’t have the best sleep and was a little stressed about getting there on the bikes, especially with little Lily, but thankfully, everything went fine!

If your dog is an outdoor lover then taking them camping with you is a great idea, and I think you’d both benefit from some time spent in nature. However, if they’d prefer to stay at home and laze on the sofa with the heating on full blast, which I think my two girls fall into the latter category, then I’d suggest finding a dog sitter or maybe renting a log cabin or lodge that allows dogs.

Our next adventure will be a family affair, hopefully in a little campervan or done up Landrover, though I think we’ll spare the cat from coming along as she’d truly hate us!

Overall I’m thrilled we managed to spend some relaxing time in nature, and It helped me to realise how good my life truly is. It’s so easy to take everything for granted when you have clean running water, electricity, and light at the click of a button.

But a few days away from home comforts can help you gain a renewed sense of appreciation for this beautiful life we have. So if you live in a first-world country, then take a little time today, to think about how good you have it, I know my camping trip helped me realise just how lucky I am.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my little getaway and if you did then, please let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear your thoughts. On another note, I start my second year of university next month, and that means I’ll be going back to my twice a month posting schedule with one monthly newsletter at the end of the month, talking about that month’s posts and what will be coming up the following month.

If you have any post suggestions, then do get in touch and let me know by heading over to our Contact Page.  As always, thanks for supporting and being a part of our pet-loving community, you are a fantastic bunch of pet owners, and I’m honoured to have you here! Have a great week with your four-legged friends!

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