Birthday Girls 🎁

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As promised, today’s short and simple blog post is all about Nia and little Lily’s birthday’s that have just been. The girls have had a fun-filled few days, with plenty of presents, adventure and a raw feeding friendly cake that went down a treat.

Let’s jump straight into today’s simple post to learn more!

Nia & Lily ❣

It really is crazy how quickly time can go… It feels like two seconds that Nia was a puppy and Lily could fit into the palm of my hand, but now, that’s not the case. This Sunday, Nia or Nia-bums as we like to call her, turned five and the following day, Lily four. It doesn’t feel like they were puppies for more than a few weeks and now that they have left puppyhood all together, it’s a bit much to take in. However, I love the fact that their birthdays are a day apart as it allows us to celebrate their birthday’s together. Usually the day before Nia’s so it is fair. I think it’s safe to say that the girls had a great shared birthday and in today’s post, I’m going to tell you a little more about what they got up to, the presents they got and their awsome birthday burger cake.

Birthday Burger Cake 🎂

Above you can see the girls birthday burgers, which consisted of two freshly made burger patties with a goats cheese frosting in the middle and also some piped on top. And to finish it off, I placed a frozen yoghurt bone on the front of the cake to make it look extra tasty. I was pretty happy with how it turned out considering how rushed I was when making them and the girls loved them, which is all that matters! Excuse the photo quality, Nia really wasn’t too happy about waiting as you can see from the photo below. This pushed me to quickly take a few pictures and let her enjoy her cake as promptly as possible.

Stick around for a super simple how-to recipe very soon!

Birthday Presents

So what did they get for their birthday?

We decided to get the girls new collars this year since they’ve only had one pretty collar each in the past, but that didn’t end too well as Lily, for some reason, decided to eat through them both. However, these ones seem more durable and won’t be left in reach of the little horror, so hopefully, they manage to stay intact. This time I picked Lily’s and my partner chose Nia’s. Unfortunately, I haven’t got round to getting many beautiful photos of them wearing them since the weather here has been awful the last few days. However, when I get round to taking some, I’ll add them into today’s post.

Lily’s Personalised Collar

I was tasked with finding Lily a collar that would suit her and I instantly thought it would be lovely to get her a personalised collar as she hasn’t ever had anything that was personalised. I stumbled across a little store on Esty and found the most perfect collar at a very reasonable price. Jonathan was such a wonderful seller and responded to my questions right away if you’re looking for a beautiful personalised gift for your four-legged friend, then head over to his Esty store to see his wide array of personalised products for both humans and pets.

Nia’s Bold & Bright Collar

My partner was in charge of finding Nia a lovely new collar, and he knew he wanted something bright and bold to help her stand out from the crowd and thankfully, he managed to find just that. Petiquette Collars is a lovely company that creates handmade collars for our canine companions at a great price. If you like the look of Nia’s collar and would like to get your pooch one, then simply follow the link above and head over to their website.

As well as their new collars the girls also received a few new toys, mainly balls as they are their favourite and some homemade treats alongside their delicious birthday cake. We then went on a lovely walk despite the cold and rainy weather that’s been here the last few days. But, thankfully, Nia has a little jacket and the girls both have little jumpers for when it gets too bad.

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