Bring Your Dog To Work Day, 2019.

Hey, fellow pet lovers!

Today’s post is all about this years Bring Your Dog To Work day which took place last Friday for those of you that weren’t aware. I’m really lucky to work from home each day which means I have my girls Nia and little Lily around me pretty much 24/7. However, for those of you that don’t work from home today’s post is going to talk about why you should consider taking part in next years Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

Let’s jump straight into today’s post!

Bring Your Dog To Work Day, 2019

Bring your dog to work day is a nationwide annual event created by a company called Hownd. This event was first established in 2014 with the charitable aim of raising money for various dog welfare charities. All UK businesses, charities and organisations are welcome to take part in the yearly event to help raise as much money as possible for the chosen charities. This years event was the sixth annual Bring Your Dog To Work Day, and the chosen charities were All Dogs Matter and Animals Aisa.

Who are HOWND?

HOWND is a natural pet care company that started off manufacturing natural dog care products such as artisan grooming sprays and shampoos back in November 2013. However, the company didn’t start as HOWND and was initially branded under Butch & Bess after the founder’s Mark Hirschel and Jo Amit’s four-legged friends. Just a month after going live with their range of natural fragrances the company started to get noticed by various pet groomers, pet parents and national press outlets such as the Daily Mail and the Telegraph.

In May 2014 just under a year since starting their business, Mark and Jo decided to take their pet-crazed company on Dragons Den with the hopes of securing some investment to help grow their brand. Despite delivering a great pitch, they were unsuccessful in obtaining any funds from the dragons but did receive some invaluable advice about how to move forward. This advice resulted in a rebrand from Butch & Bess to HOWND, with the help of a parent company called Power Pet Brands Limited. All this positive change and press resulted in a surge in popularity. They saw the company gain the seal of approval from Cruelty-Free International and lastly, helped to get their products into Pets at Home, where they became the leading premium dog grooming products within the store.

As the years have gone on the company has grown in popularity and prestige adding many more favoured products to their inventory. They have won various awards ranging from the PetQuip Marketing Award in September 2015, The SCOOT headline award in April 2016. As well as their latest prestigious award the PetQuip Marketing Project of the year for their annual Bring Your Dog To Work Day Campaign and the Pet Product of the Year award for their new and innovate product range of natural health and wellness treats. The company is starting to diversify into different markets such as the pet treat industry with its new tasty treats and latest product addition the Hero Bowl, claimed to be the most hygienic pet bowl on the market.

How Did Bring Your Dog To Work Day Start?

The first Bring Your Dog To Work Day took place on Friday the 27th June and was a huge hit with the public, press, pet parents and lovers across the UK. The event helped raise money for All Dogs Matter, Pup Aid and Animals Aisa and helped created a much loved day spent with our canine companions at work.

As each year has arrived, the popularity of Bring Your Dog To Work Day has increased due to the sheer amount of coverage by popular press outlets within the UK, as well as increased social media attention. The third national event which was held on Friday the 24th of June 2016 saw the official hashtag #bringyourdogtoworkday reach over 13 million people in just under an hour. It’s safe to say that the popularity of Bring Your Dog To Work Day has only increased as the years have gone on, resulting in thousands being raised for much-loved dog welfare charities.

All Dogs Matter

I want to briefly talk about the two charities that Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2019 has supported starting with All Dogs Matter, who is a London based dog rescue and removing charity. The company do not solely save and re-home dogs just from the UK and will also rehome canines in need from overseas. Last year All Dogs Matter happily rehomed 350 dogs from the UK and 30 dogs from various other places around the world such as China, South Korea, Eygpt, Italy and Romania. While scrolling through their website to learn a little more about the charity, I instantly fell in love with their inspirational yet straightforward mission statement.

To transform the lives of dogs and their owners.

I really loved how straight forward their mission statement is, despite the difficulties they must endure constantly trying to achieving it. I feel like I could go on all day about this wonderful UK charity but thought I best save my words for a separate blog post that I’ll publish soon. In the meantime though, if you would like to support the charity or simply learn a little more about them then head over to their website, All Dogs Matter.

Animals Aisa

Animal Aisa is another amazing charity that was founded in 1998 by Jil Robsion. They are a large charity with an aim to promote compassion and respect for all animals and work to bring about long-term change.

They have many different aims and work towards ending various cruel animal practices across Aisa such as the barbaric bear bile trade which I’d never heard of until writing today’s post. On their website, it states that over ten thousand bears are kept on bile farms in China as well as almost one thousand in Vietnam. To date, Animals Aisa has helped rescue over 600 bears and providing them with the essential care they deserve in their bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam.

As well as helping bears in need they also work towards ending many other harsh and barbaric practices that take place across Aisa like the dog and cat meat trade in China and Vietnam. Lastly, the charity lobbies to improve the general wellbeing and welfare of companion animals and promote responsible population management through neutering. As well as all this amazing work they also campaign for an end to abusive animal practices in various zoos and safari parks across Aisa. To learn more about Animals Aisa or donate to help this wonderful charity make a difference, simply follow the link to their website.

How can you get involved?

If you have a canine companion, you are self-employed or have your own company with employees there are so many ways you can get involved with next years Bring Your Dog To Work Day. The most obvious way to get involved is to allow your staff to bring their four-legged friends to work and ask for donations from staff, customers and anyone willing to help. It’s also a great idea to spread awareness about Bring Your Dog To Work Day on your social accounts, businesses website or simply share on your personal profiles so family and friends can learn about this awesome day. To find out more about how you can help out with next years Bring Your Dog To Work Day, or if you want to donate to any of the charities mentioned in today’s post then follow this link, Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

That’s all for today’s post, I hope you liked learning about Bring Your Dog To Work Day and the amazing charities that this annual event supports. I always forget how much I love writing posts about animal charities so I’ll definitely be doing more posts about the countless welfare charities out there that all need help and our support.

Please share today’s post or send it to a friend to help raise awareness about the wonderful charities mentioned in today’s post and lastly, give it alike if you’ve enjoyed learning about Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2019. Thanks for checking in and if you haven’t already make sure to follow/subscribe to to never miss a post, or get in touch with us on Facebook or our other social accounts

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