Happy Birthday Romeo the Rottie!

Hey, fellow pet lovers!

Today’s post is a super short and simple one wishing Romeo the Rottie a very happy 6th birthday. In today’s post I want to share with you a few of my favourite photos of fat lad as I call him and let you know a little bit more about Row and what I love about him?

Let’s jump straight into today’s post!

Happy Birthday Romeo the Rottie 🎂

I remember the first day I met Romeo, my nephew got him from his brother when he was about 1 year old. He was a massive puppy, full of beans and had the cutest little face ever, he was obsessed with socks and still is much to his owners dislike. I’d never been around a rottie before so really wasn’t too sure what to expect, I’d heard some bad stuff about the breed and that they were dangerous but that is so far from the truth as Row is a big fat softy!!

One of the sweetest things ever is Romeo and little Lily’s bond, Row has known Lily since she was was a month old and they really are the best of friends, Lily is definitely the boss though despite the size difference. Whenever I sleep over my nephews I always take Lily with me and her and Row love to play together and go on fun-filled walks. Having a big dog in my life is great and even though I hardly blog about Romeo he’s a massive part of my life as well as epoch.pet.

Today Romeo turns six and is the oldest out of Nia who will turn five this November and Lily who will turn 4. I love that Row’s birthday is the 28th of May because mine is just one day after. I’ve made him a fresh batch of liver treats and he’s also getting a good amount of those beef heart treats that I made last week, so if you haven’t followed the recipe yet then I definitely suggest giving them these tasty treats ago by following the link after reading today’s post, Homemade Dehydrated Beef Heart Treats.

What do I love about Romeo?

  • His loving nature and friendly hugs
  • His bond with little Lily
  • How cute he is
  • How playful and happy he always is
  • I simply love everything about this silly big pooch!

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I hope you liked reading today’s short and simple post and you and your four-legged friends have a great day. Next week’s post is all about our new Facebook group Canine Play, Fitness & Nutrition which you can join now so head over to our Facebook page to learn more. Thanks for checking in and if you haven’t already make sure to follow/subscribe to epoch.pet to never miss a post, or get in touch with us on Facebook or our other social accounts @epoch.pet

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