National Pet Month, 2019.

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Today’s post is all about National Pet Month which is a celebration of the many benefits that having pets can provide. National Pet Month is celebrated annually in the month of May in the United States, and in the UK it’s celebrated throughout April to May the 6th.

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National Pet Month, 2019

National Pet Month is all about celebrating the many benefits of having a pet in your life. If you’re already a pet owner then you will know that there are countless benefits of having a canine or feline friend by your side, as well as the many other possible pets out there. In today’s short and simple post I plan on talking about how National Pet Month all started, what the aims of this pet promoting month are and briefly, mention what I love about having pets?

National Pet Month finished yesterday for UK pet owners as it starts on April the 1st and runs until the 6th of May. The organisation is a registered charity which is fairly unique in their approach of bringing other animal welfare charities, professional bodies, pet businesses, schools, youth groups and general pet lovers together for many great causes.

This year National Pet Month celebrated its 30th year which is amazing. In the UK there are two trustees for the charity who both help to run, organise and coordinate the charity and its events. These trustees are the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) and the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA).

The National Office of Animal Health

The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH), is all about ensuring that the animal medicines industry is dedicated to providing safe, effective and quality products for the treatment and welfare of all animals. They have represented various companies that research, develop, manufacture and market licensed animal medicines in England since 1986. NOAH was first founded on the 1st of January 1986 to replace the Animal Health Register of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, which dated back to 1955.

To learn more simply head over to their About Page.

The Pet Food Manufacturs’ Association

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), is the governing body that represents the UK pet food industry. They have 85 members which account for 90% of the market share and continue to grow each year. As well as ensuring pet food standards, they strive to promote responsible pet ownership across England and are very active in working with various pet organisations and charities within the UK.

To learn more about the PFMA then head over to their About Page.

The Aims of National Pet Month

National Pet Month isn’t just about celebrating the love we all have for our companion animals, there are also a few essential aims that I’ll list below which the foundation hopes to achieve.

  • Help support pet adoption by raising awareness about the many pets who are searching for their forever homes, and the benefits of the Adopt Don’t Shop Campaign.
  • Promote the many benefits of pet ownership.
  • Increase the awareness that pet owners have of the many services available from professionals who work with animals.
  • Lastly, raise awareness of the role, value and contributions that working companion animals give to our society.

As you can see there are many aims of National Pet Month, the first aim is to raise awareness about the many pets looking for their forever homes, with the hopes that this will persuade potential pet owners to adopt instead of shop. The second aim is to promote the many benefits of having pets, being a pet owner myself I’m well aware of the joy and happiness that my girls bring me on a daily basis, and by raising awareness about the benefits of being a pet owner it might also help more people to adopt the many cats and dogs in shelters all over the world.

There are so many pet products, services and professionals out there who work to give our companion animals the best life possible. An aim of National Pet Month is to raise awareness about the many benefits of working with these professionals and supporting pet services within the pet care industries. The last aim to mention is raising awareness of the role, value and contributions that working companion animals provide to our society.

The Benefits of Pet Ownership

Me and my girl Lily

I love having pets, I’ve always had a canine and feline friend as we got my first ever dog Simba when I was just six weeks old, and ever since then I’ve had a canine companion by my side. There are endless benefits to having a pet in your life and below I’m going to list a few of my personal favourites.

  • The unconditional love you receive on a daily basis.
  • The happiness they bring you each day.
  • The morning cuddles I get from little Lily and Nia.
  • The fact you spend more time outdoors due to taking your canine friend on daily walks.
  • The responsibility of caring for another living creature.

These are just a small handful of the many benefits of having a pet in your life and in next weeks post, I’m going to tell you what my favourite thing about having a canine companion is. I hope you’ve all enjoyed learning about National Pet Month and every month is an opportunity to celebrate the love we have for our companion animals around the world.

Thanks for reading today’s simple post and if you have a companion animal in your life then why not celebrate by doing something special. Stick around for a post heading your way next Tuesday in which I’ll tell you what my favourite thing about having a canine companion.

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