epoch.pet’s Milestones & Future Plans.

Hey, fellow pet lovers!

I hope you all enjoyed last Saturday’s bonus post, which was all about my blogging journey so far and how epoch.pet came to be. Today’s post is a bit of a follow-up, and I’ll be talking about epoch.pet’s milestones and plans.

Let’s jump straight into today’s post!

epoch.pet’s Milestones 🎉

It’s just over a year since going live, and during that short time we’ve reached many milestones, and in today’s quick and straightforward post I’m going to list a few of my personal favourites.

Watching Our Social Following Grow & Hitting 500 Likes On Facebook

I’ve honestly loved watching our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter following grow each month. At first, I was a bit obsessed with vanity metrics, but thankfully, that’s something I can happily say doesn’t matter too much to me any more. However, reaching 500 likes on Facebook, which seems to be our most used social platform was such an achievement! Our Twitter following is a lot smaller, as well as our Instagram but I’m going to try and be more active over the next few months, with the hopes that this will help increase our followers.

If you follow epoch.pet and read our weekly content but haven’t liked us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram yet, then why not follow the links above and give us alike?

Getting Feedback About epoch.pet

I love it whenever anyone comments or emails me to get in touch and say what they think about epoch.pet. Feedback from pet parents or fellow pet lovers makes it easier to keep up with my posts when times get tough and also allows me to tailor the site and our content to make sure it’s relevant to what our readers want. If you haven’t got in touch yet to let me know what you think about the blog, our content, or how I could improve on anything then head over to our contact page and drop me an email.

Pet Parents Ordering Through Our Affiliate links

A few of you guys have ordered using our affiliate links, and this makes me super happy, so far we have literally earned a few pounds, but more importantly, it’s all about the positive impact that the products I promote will have on your canine or feline friend’s little life. I’ll never promote a product that I think is rubbish and you may have noticed that I don’t have any advertisements on the blog as many others do, why? Because I hate how it makes your site look and I would much rather let the blog be about having quality content than full of horrible looking adds to earn a few pennies.

Xdog Featuring Little Lily On Their Instagram


If you’ve been a follower of epoch.pet for quite some time now, then you’ll already know how much I love the Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest. We’ve had the Xdog vest for just under a year now, and it has become a favourite of mine for many reasons, and back in January, they featured my girl Lily on their Instagram account, and she ended up getting 745 likes, and I was so happy!

Xdog is a really great company who produce the best weight vest on the market as far as I’m concerned and If you would like to learn more about Xdog and their vest then check out my previous post, Xdog Vest Product Review with 10% code!

Reaching 100 Posts on epoch.pet

The other week I celebrated reaching 100 blog posts on epoch.pet, which was a massive milestone for the blog. I’m super happy that we have a diverse range of content and If your new to epoch.pet and haven’t checked out any of our others posts, then see our categories section at the side of the page to see what takes your interest. Lastly, if you haven’t checked out our 100th post yet then head over there after reading today’s to learn more.

Celebrating One Year Since Going Live

I loved writing last weeks post and hope you all enjoyed reading it, it’s been a crazy year filled with many highs, as well as some blogging lows but I’m so pleased with epoch.pet and how far my little blog has come in the past year. To read last Saturday’s post then simply follow the link, epoch.pet, One Year Today!

Future Plans For epoch.pet

If you read our weekly content, then you will already know that I am busy applying to study a combined honours degree in business and philosophy which I’m super excited for. Studying a degree is the main reason why I have decreased my blog posts to once a week, so I have some time over the next few months to focus on learning as much as I can before starting my studies in Septemeber. However, various epoch.pet followers don’t have to worry as I’m still committed to getting one blog post out a week and have some exciting plans for the blog which I’m going to list below.

Update The Website

I have plans to update epoch.pet as I feel it could do with a new theme and thankfully, my partner’s brother has offered to lend a helping hand which will make the whole process a lot easier. I’m hoping to get it all updated within the next month or two so keep an eye out on our Facebook page as I’ll be announcing more in the following month.

Help Out More With Charites

Something I wanted to do from the get-go with epoch.pet but never managed to find the time to do so was to help out with charities and local animal shelters. Thankfully, with decreasing my weekly posts to once a week instead of two, I can volunteer my time at least once a month to local causes and charities. I will be blogging about this each time I do so and if you have any causes or charities who you think epoch.pet could volunteer for then head over to our contact page to drop me a message.

Go Live With epoch.pet’s Facebook Group

Something I will be doing this week or next is going live with our Facebook group; it’s been on the to-do list for a fair while just like a lot of other things for epoch.pet. Thankfully, this is a simple task, and I plan to go live with our Facebook group very soon, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page to stay up to date with everything. In the group, I will be talking about many things such as raw feeding, pet products, and posting pictures of my gorgeous girls, along with fellow pet lovers four-legged friends. I’m thinking about having two separate groups, one for cat lovers and the one for dog lovers so if you’re a pet parent I would love you to join when we’re up and running.

Continue To Build Our Pet-Loving Community ❤️

The ultimate aim is to continue to build our community of pet-lovers. It’s great to see our followers grow and our interaction on our social accounts increase each week. From the get-go, I wanted to create a community that all shares one thing, never-ending love for our companion animals and I think it’s safe to say I’m well on my way to achieving this goal.

I hope everyone enjoyed today’s post and next week is back to our regular informative posts. I’m relatively unlucky at the minute and have what seems to be the flu during this lovely spring sunshine. Hopefully, I’m back to normal in the next few days and can get on with writing next weeks post, have a great day and thanks for reading today’s post.

Thanks for checking in and if you haven’t already make sure to follow/subscribe to epoch.pet to never miss a post, or get in touch with us on Facebook or our other social accounts @epoch.pet

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