Homemade Kefir Recipe for your Canine Companion. ❤️

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A lot of you guys seemed to enjoy Tuesday’s post which was all about the many health benefits of kefir and if you haven’t checked it out yet then head over there after reading today’s post to learn more, Health Benefits of Kefir for your Canine Companion. Today’s post is a homemade kefir recipe that you can make for yourself or your four-legged friend.

Let’s jump straight into today’s post and learn how to make your very own kefir culture!!

Homemade Kefir


For those of you that haven’t read last weeks post and aren’t aware of how great kefir really is, I will quickly do a brief recap on some of its many health promoting properties. Kefir is a fermented drink that is similar to liquid yoghurt and is full of beneficial yeasts and bacteria to help support a healthy gut microbiome and immune system. Kefir comes in two different forms you can get milk kefir which is what I am going to focus on today, or you can get water kefir which I am yet to try. Both are filled with countless beneficial bacteria known as probiotics and are a great addition to yours or your canine friend’s diet.

So what is so great about kefir?

Well, kefir has many health benefits and it is something I have recently started adding into my own diet as well as Nia’s and little Lily’s.

  • Kefir Improves Digestive Health due to its High Amount Of Probiotic Bacteria.

  • Kefir Boosts the Immune System.

  • Kefir is Low in Lactose.

  • Kefir Helps Increase Bone Density and Helps to Decrease Osteoporosis.

  • Kefir Helps to Fight off Harmful Bacteria.

These are just a few of the many benefits of consuming kefir and if you would like to learn more then check out last weeks post.

What you do you need to make your own kefir at home?

You really don’t need that much to start your own kefir culture and below you will find a list of the few things that are required to get started.

  • Organic Kefir Grains.

You can order organic kefir grains online for super cheap and I have added a link which you can use to order your own kefir grains to get started.

  • Organic full-fat milk, preferably Goats.

While researching for today’s post I did find a few videos that used raw organic milk but where I live in the UK I cannot get my hands on raw milk, so I have to make do with pasteurized Goats milk. However, make sure you get high-quality milk that is full fat if possible and lastly, stay away from super heat-treated milk as this won’t work too well for your kefir. It is possible to make kefir using coconut milk and other dairy alternatives but for our canine companions stick to an appropriate dairy source such as Goats or Sheep.

  • A Glass Jar for Fermenting.

  • A Sieve for Straining.

  • A Wooden Spoon.

  • A Glass Jug.

Step 1, Add The Kefir Grains To The Jar

The first thing you need to do is add your kefir grains to your jar, how much you add will simply depend on how much kefir you want to make and also the size of your jar. I added all our kefir grains as we only ordered 10 grams but just check how much it says to add-on the back of your kefir grains package, as most come with basic instructions. However, if not just stick the whole lot in but make sure you use a big enough jar and enough milk to cover your grains.

Step 2, Add The Goats Milk

Once you’ve added your kefir grains to your jar it is time to add your milk, I use Goats milk as it’s what we drink and it is much better for your pet than regular cows milk, however, do try to and get organic if possible. Once you’ve sourced your chosen milk, simply fill your jar up to the top and loosely close the lid, make sure you haven’t closed your lid fully!!

Step 3, Allow to Ferment for a Day or Two

Now that you have placed your kefir grains in your jar and have added your milk it is time to let your kefir grains ferment and start to break down the lactose in the milk. Now depending on where you live and how warm it is will depend on how long it will take for your kefir to fully ferment. Stick your jar in the cupboard or a dark warm place for a day or two, you will know when it is ready as your milk will be a lot thicker and it will have quite a strong smell. Once it is ready it’s time to move onto the next step which is straining your kefir grains and placing your kefir liquid in the fridge to be consumed by you and your pet.

Step 4, Strain and Separate your Kefir Grains from your Mixture

Step four is super simple and all you have to do is get your glass jug and place a sieve on top, then slowly pour your kefir mixture on to the sieve as you want to separate the kefir grains from your liquid. You will most likely have to use your wooden spoon here to move the kefir grains around as it is a thick mixture and you want to get all your kefir liquid into the jug. Once you have done this simply add your strained liquid into a separate jar and place in the fridge and we can now move onto the final step.

Step 5, Start the Whole Process Again!

Once you’ve separated your kefir grains from your liquid its time to start the whole process again and that simply means, adding your kefir grains back into their original jar once you’ve given it and rinse and then simply refill it up with fresh milk and allow to ferment. If you are going on holiday and want to take a break from your making kefir, then simply clean your jar, add your kefir grains back in and place in the fridge with fresh milk as this will slow the fermentation phase right down.

If you would like to make your own batch of kefir for yourself or your pet then simply follow the link below to order your own kefir grains, New Live Milk Kefir Grains, Our Kefir Grains are The Highest Quality.

*By purchasing through this link you are supporting epoch.pet as we get a small amount of commission, with no extra cost to you. This money helps keep the blog up and running and allows us to purchase pet products to review on our site.


 🌹Little Lily 🌹

If you would like to make some tasty treats for your pet using your kefir once you’ve made your first batch then check out one of our Valentine posts, Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Treats for your Canine Companion.

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