Chuckit Ball Launcher and Ultra Ball, pet product review.

Hey, fellow pet lovers!! 

Today’s post is a super simple one and is all about the Chuckit Ball Launcher and their Ultra Balls. My girl Lily seems to really love these Ultra Balls and so far they seem pretty indestructible. If you have a pooch who just couldn’t live without a ball then today’s post is a great one for you!!

Let’s jump straight in and learn all about Chuckit and their great pet products!!

Chuckit Ball Launcher and Ultra Balls


My Gorgeous Girls ❤

Lily loves balls and she’s always had one by her side ever since she was a pup, however, this year was the first time we tried Chuckit’s Ultra balls and despite having them for just over a month now they are still intact which is pretty amazing!!

I’d heard good things about the Chuckit Ultra balls before but thought we should stick with Lily’s previous favourite which was the High Bounce Sports pet balls. However, I’m so glad we opted to try the Chuckit Ultra balls because they have been really great so far.

So who are Chuckit?


Lily Loving the Snow ❤

Despite being a large company Chuckit really doesn’t have much information on their About Us page. Mark Oblack and Mariel Head founded Chuckit and started off with a simple Ball Launcher. They’ve been manufacturing dog toys since the late 1990s and have continued to innovate ever since their first product. They now have a large range of pet play products for your canine friend to enjoy and have managed to build a very successful pet brand that pet parents know and love.

They currently manufacture a mixture of pet products which you can see below.

  • Various Sized Ball Launchers.

  • Various balls such as Chuckit Ultra Ball and Chuckit Tennis Ball.

  • Chuckit Flyer Products.

  • Chuckit Hydrosqueeze and Hydrofreeze toys.

  • Chuckit Max Glow fetch toys.

  • Chuckit Tug, Shake or Toss Range.

  • Fun indoor toys with Bounceflex™ Core Technology.

  • Chuckit Ground Pursuit Toys.

As you can see they offer a large range of pet play products and the two I want to talk about today is their Ultra Balls and their Mini Ball Launcher. We got Lily the mini ball launcher for Christmas which came with a Chuckit Tennis ball but unfortunately, that didn’t last very long.

However, in January we got Lily a pack of medium Chuckit Ultra balls which have lasted the whole month and hopefully, they last another two. If your pet loves balls like my girl Lily does then I would definitely suggest giving these Ultra Balls a go, they come in a range of sizes such as small, medium and large and you can get a matching sized ball launcher separately.

I love thinking back to when we first got Nia and how awful I was at chucking the ball, to be honest, I’m still pretty awful at it but the Chuckit mini ball launcher has solved this problem completely!!


What I love about the Mini Chuckit Ball Launcher?

  • It improves my throws massively.

Like I mentioned above if I don’t use the Chuckit Ball Launcher then the girls really don’t have to run very far, but having this simple tool allows me to give the girls a great workout with little effort on my behalf.

  • I don’t have to pick up a ball covered in the girl’s saliva!

This is my favourite thing of all and I’m sure all you other pet parents have had to deal with this too. However, it’s really gross when you have to pick up your pets ball and it is covered in saliva and it goes all over your hands. Thankfully, with the Chuckit ball launcher, you can say goodbye to having to get your lovely clean hands covered in your pet’s saliva.

  • It’s small enough to fit inside my partner’s jacket.

My partner has an inside pocket that the mini ball launcher fits perfectly into and saves us having to carry it the whole way to the park or the beach. However, if it won’t fit in your pocket then it will certainly fit inside a backpack or a handbag with it being so small.

  • It’s super lightweight and easy to use.

This mini ball launcher weighs nothing and as you can imagine is so simple to use as all you have to do is bend over and place the ball in the launcher, then throw.

  • It’s fairly cheap and easy to wash.

This Chuckit mini ball launcher is the cheapest out of all their ball launchers and I’m glad we started with the small one as I really don’t feel like we need to get a bigger one at the minute since the mini is so good. Another great thing is that if it gets muddy or covered in saliva off your pooch which will most likely be the case, it is super easy to wash since it’s made out of plastic.

If you like the sound of Chuckit’s Ball Launcher then why not order your pet one today?


The photo above shows Lily and the Chuckit Tennis ball which didn’t last too long in our household, but it is what you get with the mini ball launcher if you order one.

To order your pet their very own Chuckit ball launcher then simply follow the link below, Chuckit! 12 Ball Launcher for Dogs, Medium.

If you do want to treat your canine companion and plan to get them their very own Chuckit ball launcher but also want to order them a pack of Ultra Balls to see what they are like, then simply follow the link below. So far these have been the best balls Lily has ever had and I’m looking forward to seeing how long they actually last.

To order your pet a two pack of these great balls then simply follow the link, Chuckit Ultra Ball, Medium, Pack of 2.


If you feel your pet wouldn’t destroy the Chuckit tennis balls and would like to also order a pack to try, then simply follow the link, Chuckit! Tennis Dog Balls, Medium.

Make sure that if you do order extra balls for your launcher that they are the matching size, I have placed the medium-sized balls in today’s post and these work perfectly for both Nia and Lily and fit in our mini launcher.

*By purchasing through these links you are supporting as we get a small amount of commission, with no extra cost to you. This money helps keep the blog up and running and allows us to purchase pet products to review on our site. I only ever review products that my girls have tried and tested and that I think are great!

That’s it for today’s simple post but I hope you all like learning about Chuckit and their great pet products, we’re off our to take the girls to the beach and have plenty of fun with the ball launcher and Ultra Balls. If you liked today’s post then let me know by hitting that like button or giving it a share so other pet parents can learn all about Chuckit!!

I hope everyone has a great week and stick around for Saturday’s post which is going to be all about various Valentine’s gifts for our four-legged friends.

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