Britain’s Favourite Dogs 2019, who came first??

Hey, fellow pet lovers!! 

Today’s post is a fairly long one all about Britain’s favourite dogs, this week in the UK there was a two and a half-hour show on ITV where the public voted to see who was Britain’s favourite breed?

The result was based on a poll of 10,000 people who choose between the top 100 most popular dog breeds within the UK. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch it live but managed to watch the highlights on catch up and am so happy with the winning breed!!

Let’s jump straight in and learn all about Britain’s favourite dog breed!!

Britain’s Favourite Dogs 2019

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Considering there are over 100 dogs in the list I plan on only listing the top 10 to make things easy, otherwise, this blog post would be incredibly long… So let’s get started and find out the favourite dog breeds amongst UK owners.

10, Mixed Breeds

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So mixed breeds stole the tenth place and my first ever dog Simba was a mixed breed, we got him when I was just six weeks old and I’ve had a dog by my side ever since. What I love about mixed breeds is that it is a complete surprise and your pooch could be a mix of anything, not that it really matters because we love them just the same as a purebred!

If you do have a mixed breed pooch and are looking to find out what breeds they came from, then you can order a DNA test online and easily find out. This is something I would love to do for Nia as I would love to see if she is 100% Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

9, Golden Retriever

shallow focus photography of a golden retriever
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Golden Retrievers seem like such sweet dogs and they look absolutely stunning!!

Golden Retrievers were originally bred from Black wavy coated Retrievers that were crossed with the Tweed Water Spaniel, this cross produced four beautiful golden pups and Lord Tweedmouth is credited as the founder of this wonderful breed.

In 1913 the Kennel Club recognised the Golden Retriever as an official dog breed and in 1920 the Golden Retriever Club was established. They are a large breed that requires a lot of exercise to keep them fit and healthy. They are known to have a lovely temperament with a sweet, loving and extremely friendly nature which can really make them the perfect family pet.

Golden Retrievers are Gundogs or bird dogs, these types of dogs help during hunts and assist the hunter by finding and retrieving the prey which is usually game such as pheasant, partridge or guinea fowl.

What we love about Golden Retrievers?

Golden Retrievers are a much-loved breed worldwide for many reasons, such as

  • Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds chosen for service or assistant dogs that help the blind and deaf.

  • Golden Retrievers make great family pets because of their loving nature.

  • They are great hunting dogs and love the outdoors.

  • Golden Retrievers are so adorable!!

To learn more about the Golden Retriever then head over to the Kennel Club’s website.

8, German Shepherd

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I’ve always wanted a German Shepard but unfortunately, I think they are a bit too big for us to have at the minute, so I’ll stick with Nia and little Lily. However, they are a much-loved breed worldwide and are greatly appreciated in the service industry as Police dogs or within the military.

The first ever breed club for the German Shepherd was founded in 1881, this loyal breed of dog was originally bred as a herding dog and later as a working dog for the police and armed forces from World War 1. Captain Max Stephanitz who lived in Germany realised this breed of dog was a wonderful herding dog but also recognised that they had skills that could come in very useful for the police and military, so he managed to convince the German government to use them during the first world war.

They are a large breed that requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation in order to live a happy and healthy life.

What we love about German Shepherds?

The German Shepherd is a much-loved breed for many reasons, such as

  • They are beautiful dogs that are very smart and make a wonderful canine companion for an owner who has the time to put in and train them correctly.

  • They are a versatile dog and extremely popular within the working dog community.

  • Two different types, working bloodline or show bloodline.

  • Great police dogs and military dogs as they are a very smart breed that can learn a large mixture of commands.

  • They are part of the Pastoral Breed Group, which consists of herding dogs that are associated with working cattle, sheep, reindeer and other cloven-footed animals.

To learn more about the German Shepherd then head over to the Kennel Club’s website.

7, Border Collie

selective focus photography of adult black and white border collie
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Some of you might remember reading one of my previous blog articles, What it’s like to have a Border Terrier? Before we got Lily we just had Nia and I thought it would be lovely for her to have a little friend to grow up alongside, thankfully, my partner agreed and I started hunting for the perfect canine addition for our family.

From the moment I saw a border collie, I fell in love and it is definitely a breed I will own at some point in my life, so when I was searching for a breed it was between a Border Collie or a Border Terrier. In the end, Lily stole the top spot because she was smaller and I hadn’t been around many border terriers so was really curious to see what their personality was like.

The Border Collie was originally bred as a working sheep and cattle dog, they are an extremely healthy breed with a strong herding instinct. The name of this lovely breed comes from the border regions of where they worked such as England, Scotland and Wales.

They are a very popular breed all across the globe and love to take part in activities such as obedience agility, fly ball and other canine sporting activities. They require a lot of mental and physical stimulation to stay both mentally and physically healthy. The Border Collie is a perfect dog for anyone who has sufficient time to take them out on long walks or adventures in the wild.

What we love about Border Collies?

Border Collies are a much-loved breed due to their gorgeous appearance, highly intelligent mind and many more wonderful traits.

  • They are an extremely smart breed of dog that is able to learn many commands and loves obedience training.

  • They are used as sniffer dogs for detecting explosives and drugs.

  • They are part of the Pastoral Breed Group, which consists of herding dogs that are associated with working cattle, sheep, reindeer and other cloven-footed animals.

To learn more about Border Collies then head over to the Kennel Club’s website.

6, Boxer

fawn boxer on sofa inside room
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The Boxer is such a funny and childish dog, who couldn’t love one? I’ve never had one or really know anyone who has owned a Boxer but I have bumped into many in the park and when we are out on walks and they always seem so happy and excitable!!

The Boxer is a descendant of the Bullenbeisser which means Bull biter and was a German breed that was used for hunting large animals such as Bear, Boar and Deer. Apparently, in the 19th century, it is believed that the Bullenbeisser was crossed with the Bulldog and this is how we came to have the modern-day Boxer.

A Boxer is a large breed, that is lean and muscular but unfortunately, they can have a lot of health problems such as cancer and hip dysplasia. However, they are a very athletic breed but they do not do well in hot weather with them having a short snout.

What we love about Boxers?

  • Boxers are a very loving and energetic breed.

  • They are great working dogs and it states on the Kennel Club website that Boxers are great tracking dogs and work in the armed forces as a messenger and as a pack carrier.

  • A smart breed that loves outdoor adventures.

To learn more about Boxers then head over to the Kennel Club’s website.

5, Cocker Spaniel

english cocker spaniel puppy sitting on ground beside grass
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The Cocker Spaniel came in at number five and its a breed I’ve never been around but they look and sound extremely friendly. The Cocker Spaniel takes its name from its original work which was hunting woodcock. They were recognized as a separate breed in 1893 and until then all spaniels were grouped together as Land Spaniels. Apparently, it is a requirement that a Cocker Spaniel should be under 25 lbs in weight.

They are a very common breed amongst UK owners and make a perfect family pet, they are a medium-sized dog and require an hour or more of exercise each day.

What we love about Cocker Spaniels?

  • They are a sweet looking dog that can make the perfect family pet.

  • They are part of the Gundog Group.

  • They are very energetic friendly dogs that love the outdoors.

To learn more about Cocker Spaniels then head over to the Kennel Club’s website.

4, English Springer Spaniel

close up photography of furry dog
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I love Springer Spaniels and a close friend of mine has a stunning girl called Gypsy!!

They are really pretty looking pooches and it is certainly a dog I would consider having at some point in my life. The Springer Spaniel is a Gundog and they are used to flush game out from the undergrowth to then allow the hunters to shoot and kill the game.

They are also great for retrieving game and are the most popular breed of spaniel for working in the field. They are a medium-sized dog and love the outdoors, whether that be playing outside in the water, running around at the park or simply going on a long walk.

What we love about Springer Spaniels?

  • They are stunning looking dogs with a lovely temperament.

  • Great working dogs, that love being outdoors.

  • Healthy breed of dog if cared for properly.

To learn more about the Springer Spaniel then head over to the Kennel Club’s website.

3, Labrador

animal dog pet labrador
Photo by Tookapic on

The Labrador came in third place and normally takes the top spot within the UK. However, this year it moved and took bronze, this loyal pooch is the most popular of all pedigree breeds apparently. The Labrador is such a versatile breed and is a great family companion, service dog for the blind and even a wonderful working dog.

The breed originates from Newfoundland which is known for its fishing industry and the Labrador helped local fisherman in a verity of ways by retrieving nets or lost lines and pulling carts of fish. These dogs were smaller than our modern-day Labs and a smaller breed called St John’s Dog was believed to be crossed with hunting dogs that were brought over by UK traders and this is how the Labrador that we all know and love today came to be.

What we love about Labrador’s?

The whole world seems to be a lover of this loyal breed and there are many reasons why.

  • They are loyal, loving dogs that make a great family pet.

  • They are great service dogs and can help the blind, deaf and be used as therapy dogs.

  • They are great dogs for lovers of the outdoors and also make good hunting dogs.

To learn more about the Labrador then head over to the Kennel Club’s website.

2, Cockapoo

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a photo of a Cockapoo but simply follow the link above and you can see how adorable they look. The Cockapoo came in at 2nd place and to be honest I didn’t really know what one was before watching the show.

A Cockapoo is a crossbreed between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, they are a very friendly breed of dog that is classed a designer breed. They were believed to first have been bred in the 1950s and are a very popular family pet.

They can come in a mixture of sizes as it all depends on the parents of your pup if you have a pet who has more Cocker Spaniel in them then they may have more energy and be larger. Whereas, if they have more poodle in them then this may mean you get a smaller pup, however, it is safer to say there is plenty of variation across Cockapoos.

What we love about the Cockapoo?

  • They are an extremely friendly dog breed that makes the perfect family pet.

  • They are energetic and love to take part in agility.

  • They look super cute and are the most popular designer crossbreed.

1, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier!!


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier stole the top spot!! ❤

It’s really not a surprise to me as they are a very popular breed within the UK and I know how lovely they are because we have my girl Nia and had Freya previously. Staffies are the sweetest dogs you will ever meet, they have such a lovely temperament and I’m really glad they came in at first place, as unfortunately, they manage to get a lot of bad press.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has the same ancestry as the Bull Terrier and is thought to originate from a Bulldog crossed with the Black and Tan Terrier. They were originally bred for fighting and had to be strong and agile to win against other dogs.

Thankfully, these amazing dogs no longer take part in dog fighting and can be a happy normal pet. Dog fighting was meant to have stopped when the Humane Act came into play in 1835, this act is also known as The Cruelty to Animals Act and before this, it was common practice for Old English Bulldogs to fight Bulls and Bears. It was said that this helped tenderize the meat, in all honesty, this is a horrific thought, Imagine how much these poor animals suffered!!

Thankfully, once this act was introduced it was against the law to take part in these unjust activities and it is believed that this was the reason the Staffordshire Bull Terrier came into existence. People needed a small dog that was capable of fighting indoors as all fighting now had to be done in secret. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was officially registered by the Kennel Club in 1935, 100 years after the Humane act was introduced.

What we love about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

There are so many things that we humans love about the Staffy and below you can find a small list of why this wonderful breed took the top spot.

  • They are an all-around great dog that is extremely friendly towards people and other dogs.

  • They are a fit and healthy breed that enjoys plenty of outdoor activities and benefits from a lot of exercises to stay in good condition.

  • They are one of the most loving breeds around and make a great family pet.

  • They give the best morning cuddles ever!!

This is something I briefly talk about in one of my previous posts that you may enjoy, What it’s like to have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier? The list of benefits for each of the above breeds could go on and on as all are amazing, loving and compassionate pooches.

All dogs are awesome, regardless of their breed, size or type!!

I’ve seen some people complaining and moaning that Staffies took the top spot but in all honesty, they need this good publicity now more than ever!! The Staffordshire Bull Terrier gets a lot of bad press and this is due to irresponsible ownership of this stunning, sweet loving and extremely loyal breed.

Within the article that I read, it stated that the UK is a nation of Labrador lovers and how and when did we become a nation of Staffy lovers?? This was written in a popular newspaper and is the exact reason why the Staffordshire Bull Terrier deserves to win, people are highly prejudiced towards a breed that they know very little about.

On the show this week, there was a beautiful rescue staffy called Diesel that saved the life of his family one night due to a house fire. Diesel woke his owner up with cries and noises he had never made before in the early hours of the morning, and thankfully that allowed his owner to run into his parent’s room and save their lives, then he went back and got Diesel which meant everyone got out of the burning house alive.

To learn a bit more about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier then head over to the Kennel Clubs website.

The Border Terrier ❤


My girl Lily!!

I just want to briefly mention the Border Terrier who came 27th I think it was, if you have a Border Terrier then you will know how much of a bold character they have and I feel like they deserve a mentioned in today’s post even though they never made the top ten.

Well there you have it, a list of the UK’s favourite top ten dogs, if you want to watch the full show on catch up then simply follow the link to ITV and search for Britain’s Favourite Dogs, 2019.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s simple post and let me know if you did by hitting that like button or giving it a share so other pet lovers can learn all about Britain’s favourite dog breed, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier!!

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