New Year’s Resolutions to help your pet have a Happy and Healthy 2019!!

Hey, fellow pet lovers!!

Today’s post is all about a few potential new year’s resolutions you can set to help your canine or feline friend have a happy and healthy 2019. The start of 2019 has been a hectic one for me and my girls but we’ve still had a fun and exciting start to the new year and I’m looking forward to embarking on some exciting plans that I have in store for

Let’s jump straight in and talk about some new years resolutions you can make for your pet to help them become healthier and happier this year!!

New Year’s Resolutions for your Canine and Feline Friends

We all make new year’s resolutions but most fail within a few months, some of mine this year are to read more books, do more yoga, take more time out of the day to get away from work and my never-ending to-do list and lastly, spend more quality time with the girls as well as family and friends.

However, I haven’t just made new years resolutions for myself, I’ve also made a few for my girls to help optimize their little lives as much as possible.

So what are my girls New Year’s Resolutions?



Lily’s New Year’s Resolutions!!

For my girl Lily, I plan on doing as much training as I possibly can with her, as some of you already know she can be a bit reactive with other dogs and this is something I plan to really work on. As well as this I am going to start running with her as I feel it is something we would both benefit from and I think it is a great way to get new inspiration for blog posts, but most importantly it helps to get some of Lily’s never-ending energy out…

Not eat cat poo!!!

Unfortunately, last year Lily managed to sneak her way into Pooss’s den a fair few times and for some disgusting reason decided to eat some cat poo!! I hope that this year she isn’t as fond and decides there are better things to snack on.

Lastly, I hope to get her eating a more varied diet, the last few months Lily has been way more adventures than usual and has tackled rabbit legs, sardines and even minced venison. However, she can be a right fusspot most of the time and this is something I want to work on, I plan on doing so by introducing as many different proteins to her little diet each week as possible and so far this has been working.



Nia’s New Year’s Resolutions!!

Nia’s new year’s resolutions are to start pulling the bike more often as this is something she really loves to do but we haven’t found the time to do so over the Christmas Holidays and the winter weather hasn’t really helped.

I also plan on doing some training with her as well as Lily, as I feel she could lose one or two of her puppy habits such as jumping up at friends and family when they come in the door. I would also love her to not destroy every toy she gets but I feel like this may be asking a little bit too much of her.

Lastly, I want to start introducing more exotic meats into her diet like kangaroo as she isn’t able to eat many of the normal proteins such as Chicken, Pork or Lamb due to her allergies. Some of you might remember that last year we got Nia allergy tested and we know she cannot eat chicken at all but as well as this she came back potentially reactive to many other proteins, which unfortunately means what we can give her is very limited at the minute.

However, by introducing more novel proteins that she hasn’t eaten before, she hopefully won’t be reactive to it, this means she can have a lot more variety in her diet resulting in a happier and healthier Nia.



Pooss’s New Year’s Resolutions!!

So Pooss has the most new year’s resolutions out of all my girls and to start off I would like her to be a bit nicer to Nia and Lily, but mainly little Lily. Pooss and Lily didn’t start off on the best terms and I think this is why Pooss really doesn’t like Lily all that much, she is happy to sleep on the same bed as her and doesn’t completely hate her but if she is in a huff due to being hungry in the morning like she normally is, then she will literally throw a boxing punch or two at poor Lily.

Do more exercise!!

Pooss can be extremely lazy and as most of you already know she is a house cat for many reasons but this year I plan on getting her to do a lot more exercise and less lazing about. My partner and I are going to make her a massive scratching post from floor to ceiling so she can run up and down it and become a fit and healthy Pooss.

She really likes the little DIY scratching post that we made her back in the Summer so I think she will really love a floor to ceiling one, so stick around for a blog post on how to make your feline friend a floor to ceiling scratching post in the next month or two.

The last new year’s resolution for Pooss is to try to get her eating more varied bone beside the usual chicken leg or wing. Pooss is super fussy when it comes to food and I hope to get her acquainted with a variety of proteins this year.

Well, that’s all my girls new years resolutions and it is time to move on to a few that you can implement to help your pet become happier and healthier this year.

  • Start your pet on a Raw Diet.

I have raved on about putting your pet on a species appropriate diet since going live with and that is because an all natural diet of meat, bones and the many other bits of the animal is exactly what our pets are meant to be eating. If you’ve been thinking about starting your pet on a raw diet but haven’t done so then take the plunge and go for it this new year.

Whether you choose to feed a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding or Bones and Raw food) or Prey Model Raw diet it really doesn’t matter. Both are great options and you can easily change between the two or choose to feed a mixture of both to your pet like we do for the girls. There are so many raw feeding posts and pages on the blog that it couldn’t be simpler to start your pet on a species appropriate diet and it is a great way to get them on a healthier track this 2019.

Here are a few of our raw feeding posts to help you get started.


Lily having fun chasing after the flirt pole ❤

Last year was such as great year for Nia, Lily and the Pooss since going live with forced me to really think about how I can optimize the girl’s little lives so I can help you fellow pet parents optimize your four-legged friends lives too. I have two products in mind that really made a massive difference to Nia and Lily and these are the Squishy Face Flirt Pole and the Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest. 

Both are amazing products that have improved my girl’s fitness levels, stamina and overall enthusiasm for play. If you haven’t heard of the either of these products then follow my link above to read my previous posts.

  • Get your pet an Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest.


My gorgeous girls Nia and Lily rocking their Xdog Weight and Fitness Vests!!

I’m just going to briefly hit on this since I mentioned this amazing product above but out of everything we have ever got Nia and Lily this is by far the biggest game-changer for my girls. I love everything about it and thank you to the amazing pet parent who used our affiliate link to get their pet their very own vest!!

You really won’t be disappointed as it has made such a positive difference to my girls and I cannot wait to see what they are like in May after a whole year of using their Xdog vests.

  • Start Making your Pet their own Tasty Treats.


This is something I have done for quite a while now as being a raw feeder it can be difficult to get your hands on all natural treats without a myriad of additives or fillers that aren’t super expensive. However, choosing to make your pet their own homemade treats is one way to help them become healthier and happier this 2019.

Not only is this a good enough reason to do so but it is also really fun to take a little time out your day and do something special for your four-legged friend. If your new to and want to check out some of my previous treat recipes then simply follow the link below as these are a few of my girl’s favourites.

adult brown chihuahua leaning on person s leg
Photo by Ana-Maria Roseanu on

This year I’m going to teach the girls so many new tricks as well as losing some old habits like Nia jumping up at people when they come through the door. However, this is such a simple thing to start doing with your pet and it is also free besides needing some treats on hand, which you could even make yourself following one of our many homemade treat recipes. This is a great way to ensure your pet is getting enough mental stimulation and as I have mentioned many times a tired pet, is a happy pet!!

Well, there you have it, a small but very effective list of things that you can do to help your pet become healthier and happier this new year. The list could go on and on but even just doing one or two of the above is a great start, I hope 2019 so far has been a great year with many fun-filled moments with your beloved pet.

The girls and I have had many walks along the beach, fun times at the park and I’m sure we have plenty of great adventures heading our way. Stick around for a post all about the importance of doing training with your four-legged friend, as January is National Train Your Dog Month.

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