Happy New Year from epoch.pet!!

Hey, fellow pet lovers!!

Happy New Year and I hope you all had an amazing Christmas break with the family and your four-legged friends. 2019 is finally here and it’s a great chance to improve not only your life but also your canine or feline friends for the better.

Today’s post is a fairly short one that is all about epoch.pet and a few of my intentions for 2019. This year is going to be a really great one and I have a very interesting announcement heading your way in the next month or so, so make sure to hit subscribe and stick around for that!!

For now, though, let’s jump straight into today’s post and learn what’s in store for epoch.pet in 2019?

epoch.pet, 2019


My gorgeous girl Nia!!

So it’s a new year and a brand new start and it feels really great going into 2019 with epoch.pet up and running, as last year I hadn’t even gone live with the blog and felt like I had very little direction in my life. However, this year feels very different as I have so many plans for epoch.pet which include growing the brand and helping way more pet owners improve their companion animals life for the better.

So what’s in store for epoch.pet in 2019?

epoch.pet cover photo

I have some really big plans for epoch.pet this year and some I’m not quite ready to spill the beans on but will be very soon. However, below you can find a list of things that I plan to do this year to help raise awareness about epoch.pet and help strengthen the bond between pet owners and their pet.

  • Create a YouTube Channel.

action adult aperture blur
Photo by Terje Sollie on Pexels.com

Number one on the list is creating a YouTube Channel!!

Some of you might remember a post from last year, epoch.pet, Six Months On which I also talked about in last weeks post. In this post, I talked about what is left on the list to do for epoch.pet and on that list, one of the things was creating a YouTube Channel.

This is something I’m hoping to have completed at the end of next month, March latest. I’m not going to lie the thought of being on camera really freaks me out but I’m sure I will get used to it and actually enjoy sharing video content after a while.

Plus, pushing my self out my comfort zone is something that is going to be a common occurrence this year so I might as well get used to it and start with something fairly challenging.

  • Increase our Social Following.

As with any brand the more social following you have the more recognised you are and this is something I really plan to focus on this year. I didn’t realise how hard it is to get genuine followers considering how many people are actually on the internet, it is a very hard job!

Never the less I plan on really marketing to pet owners and lovers all around the world and helping them to realise that epoch.pet is here to help them and their companion animals in whatever way we can.

If you read our content and follow us on WordPress but haven’t liked our other social accounts it would be amazing if you could take a second to do so.

Remember the more you like and share our content the larger our reach is ❤

  • Create our own Merchandise.

    assorted clothes
    Photo by Kai Pilger on Pexels.com

The idea of creating epoch.pet merchandise makes me so excited and happy and I cannot wait until we realise T-shirts, caps or even doggie items for your four-legged friends with our logo on.

This is something I really hope to do later on this year so keep a close eye out and make sure to subscribe to the blog as I plan on making limited edition T-shirts and once they’re gone, they’re gone!!

  • Improve the layout of the blog.

Something big on my To Do List is to do some site improvements on the blog, as I feel it could certainly do with a freshen up to keep up with our ever-increasing traffic. I love simple blogs and want to keep the layout very simplistic like it currently is, but I plan to add some new features and hopefully just make the site that little bit better.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!!

  • epoch.pet has a super exciting announcement!!


2019 is The Year of epoch.pet!!

So the last few months have been super hectic for me and this year is only going to be even more crazy than last, but I’m so ready for it!! In the next month or so I have a super exciting announcement heading your way and It’s killing me keeping quite but all good things take time…

I’m really glad to be starting this year with some direction and also a wonderful community of pet parents and pet lovers. Let me know some of your goals for your canine or feline friend this year, one of mine is to start running with Lily as I feel we would both benefit from it massively.

Another is to do way more training with both my girls as I feel last year I definitely could have done better. Take today to have a think about what would you like to improve on with your pet? Is it their diet, fitness or some aspect of their behaviour? You have a whole 365 days ahead of you so put the time in and make that goal a reality!!


Thank’s so much from me and my girls for choosing to read our content and thank you to our new followers, each and everyone one of you guys are amazing and I’m so excited to start another year with my amazing girls, epoch.pet and all you lovely pet lovers!!

Have a great day and set the foundations for a wonderful and productive year, follow your dreams and give your furry friend so much love during 2019!!

Thanks for reading today’s post and if you liked it then make sure to that like button or give it a share so other pet parents can learn about epoch.pet and join our pet loving community.

This Saturday’s post is going to be a very interesting one all about the importance of functional carbohydrates written by my other half.

Thanks for checking in and be sure to follow/subscribe to the epoch.pet to never miss a post and follow us on social media, or get in touch with us on Facebook @epoch.pet

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