The Importance of Play, Fitness and Nutrition.

Hey, fellow pet lovers!!

Some of you might remember last weeks post which was all about the importance of play, now it’s time to move and talk about the importance of fitness for our canine and feline friends.

Keeping our pets fit and healthy is vital for having a happy pet that will be by our side for as long as possible. I’m really pleased with the current condition of all three of my girls but there is always room for improvement and next year I plan on getting the girls even fitter than they currently are.

Let’s jump straight in and learn all about the importance of fitness for our canine and feline friends!

The Importance of Fitness


My gorgeous girls, Nia, Lily and the Pooss ❤

So now that we know how important play is for our companion animals and how having a lack of play can negatively impact their behaviour, It’s now time to move on and learn why fitness is also an essential lifestyle aspect for making sure you have a happy and healthy pet. Nia and Lily’s fitness levels have increased massively this year with the introduction of their Xdog Weight and Fitness Vests earlier in May.

However, Pooss is a little bit harder when it comes to maintaining or increasing her fitness level with her being an indoor cat. We do have a few different techniques to talk about in this post though and if your cat isn’t a house cat then they should be getting a good amount of exercise when out and about.

What are the benefits of increasing your pets fitness level?

There are so many benefits when it comes to increasing your pet’s fitness level, not only for your furry friend but also for yourself.

  • Increasing your pet’s fitness can also make you healthier.

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Obesity isn’t just plaguing our poor pets, it’s also becoming a major cause of mortality and poor health among us humans. The USA has the highest obesity rate with just under 40% of people considered overweight, second in line is Mexico and the UK has a 27% adult obesity level.

Some of you might remember one of the previous posts I wrote, Obesity and our pets, the shocking truth! I was so shocked at how many of our poor innocent pets are obese and we really need to do something about it. By increasing your pet’s fitness level and taking them out on more walks or fun-filled activities, you are also helping yourself get fit and healthier.

  • A healthier pet is a happier pet.

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We all know that working out and eating a healthy balanced diet of natural whole foods is by far healthier than doing no physical exercise at all and can be responsible for reducing all-cause mortality, whereas living on processed junk food day in and day out and staying mostly sedentary is a recipe for a health disaster.

Unfortunately, a lot of today’s pets are obese due to eating commercial pet food that is high in various grains, sugars, preservatives as well as being filled with a myriad of nasty ingredients.

As well as this our pets are not getting enough physical exercise due to our ever-increasing busy lives and less free time to spend with our four-legged companions and this has resulted in more and more pets becoming obese. Taking your pet out on even just one walk a day is a great start to increase their fitness level and also takes some much-needed time away from the daily grind, and both you and your dog will reap the physical as well as the mental benefits from doing so.

Check out one of my previous posts that talks more about the many benefits of taking your pet out on just one walk each day, National Walk Your Dog Week, 2018.

  • Fewer Vet bills.

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Having a fit and healthy pet means fewer vet bills and we all know that’s a great thing!!

My girls are never at the vets apart from their yearly check-up and initial injections when they were pups. We’ve had to take Lily twice when she was a puppy, once because she had hurt her nail and the second time was when she first came into heat and she stopped eating and was very unlike herself.

Thankfully she was fine both times and apart from this my girls have had hardly an issue or been ill, so hopefully, all stays this way!

  • We all want the best for our furry friends!!


My girls mean the world to me ❤

There is no doubt that every pet parents wants the best for their canine or feline friend in all aspects of their little lives. My girls mean everything to me and I want to optimize their lives in as many ways as I possibly can.

By increasing your pets play time, feeding them a species appropriate diet, as well as their increasing their fitness activities you are ensuring your pet is as happy and as healthy as they can be and in turn, you are increasing the short amount of time you have with them.

So how can you increase your pets fitness level?

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Now that you know the many benefits of increasing your pets fitness level, it’s time to talk about how we can do exactly that.

  • Create a fitness routine.


One of the easiest ways to increase your pet’s fitness is to create a fitness routine and stick to it.

My girls have a fitness routine which we only started a few months ago, so no doubt it will continue to change and evolve but currently, it consists of a few different activities each week such as going to the park and chasing after the flirt pole or playing with the puller rings for Nia.

As well as these fun and playful activities Lily also enjoys chasing after her ball at the park while Nia loves to pull her favourite human, aka dad on the bike. However, by far the best and most productive thing we have ever got the girls is their Xdog Weight and Fitness Vests which I will mention very soon.

  • Find something your pet loves to do.

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What does your pooch or pooss love to do??

Once you have managed to find this out it will be a lot easier to get them fit and healthy. I remember when Nia was just a puppy, about a year old or so and whenever we took her to the park she was so lazy!! She wouldn’t even run for the ball, whereas Lily has always been the complete opposite and has a never-ending supply of energy.

However, since getting Nia her weight vest and pulling the bike her stamina has increased massively and she is no longer a lazy pooch. So find out what your pet loves to do because this will help you create the perfect fitness routine for them by keeping them motivated.

  • Join a canine sporting group.

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By joining a canine sporting group you are providing your pet with much-needed physical stimulation, socialisation as well as mental stimulation. Unfortunately, where I live there aren’t any canine sporting groups but the majority of places do have some kind of sporting group whether that be

  1. Canine Agility.

  2. Dock Diving.

  3. Disc Dogs.

  4. FlyBall (Which Lily would love!!)

  5. Lure Coursing.

As you can see there are so many different sporting activities to take part in with your canine companion and these are just a few of many. If you’re wondering where to find information about dog sporting groups near to you, simply have a google search or join a Facebook group.

  • Go on a run together.

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If you love running or want to make it your new year’s resolution then why don’t you do it with your pooch?  I plan on starting to go on weekly runs as I’m looking for a new way to get inspiration for blog posts and think Lily would benefit from the extra exercise too. 

  • Get your pet an Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest!!


Some of you guys might be sick of me of me telling you how good the Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest is but I really love it and how much they have benefited my girls lives in such as short amount of time is amazing!!

We only got the girls their vests in May and over the last few months they have gotten so much healthier, their stamina has increased as well as their lean muscle mass. If you want a simple yet effective way to increase your pets fitness level then the Xdog Weight and Fitness vest is the way to go.

To learn more about this amazing pet product then head over to my previous blog post, Xdog Weight and Fitness Vest, product review, with 10% off code! Where you can find plenty of information as well as an affiliate link that will get you 10% off, so what are you waiting for?

How we keep Pooss fit and healthy??


Most of you already know that my girl Pooss is a house cat for many reasons and we have to try extra hard to keep her both mentally and physically stimulated. Keeping Pooss fit and active is by far the hardest task of all as if she had it her own way she would happily laze about all day and get her breakfast, lunch and tea in between.


One of the best ways to tire Pooss out is by getting her scratching post that we made earlier this year and placing it in the middle of the rug, then getting a treat and making her run up and down her pole a few times, then giving her the treat after a few rounds.

Another way is to get her to chase a feather around the rug for ten or fifteen minutes, lastly, she loves to chase after the laser pen just like Nia and Lily. I’m super excited to write the last post in this three-part series which will be all about the importance of nutrition and we will recap on the many benefits of raw feeding.

I hope you all liked today’s post and stick around for the last post in this three-part series which is all about the importance of nutrition which will be heading your way next week. After that, we will have some fun Christmas posts to get you in the festive spirit.

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