PULLER Rings Interactive Dog Toy, product review.

If you have read the previous posts on Nia and Lilys birthdays then you will know that we wanted to get them a present each that would match their needs and suit their personalities. Of course, Lilys squishy face flirt pole went down a storm, her prey drive kicks in and she chases the little lure on the end of that bungee cord with murderess intent, Nia on the other hand seemingly lost interest in the flirt pole and instead chose to enjoy her new puller interactive rings.

Let’s jump straight in and learn all about this fun and interactive dog toy, PULLER rings.

Puller Ring Standard Set

Happy Nia

Dinner time aside, Nia’s interests are really few and far between, they consist largely of squirrel chasing and sleeping, that being said she does love to pull. Whether she is attached to my bike or playing tug and trying to tear a toy or length of rope away from my grip, this is certainly when she seems happiest. So, naturally, we went for a toy she can pull and chase and bite until her heart is content.

Nia does seem to love these PULLER rings, having them as a set of two means constant movement, I can throw one as soon as she brings me the other back or tempt her into loosening her grip on one by offering the other ring, the material seems just right for her to sink her teeth into and maintain a good bite which seems to add to her enjoyment.

  • Designed with your dogs’ fitness in mind.

These toys are designed with your dog’s fitness in mind and they come with recommended workouts that include jumping, grabbing and chasing. I like to start Nias Puller workout with her Xdog weigh vest, here we will do some chasing and play some tug of war, after this, I remove the vest and get her to do some jumping and grabbing. the two products have a good synergy and as Nias fitness increases I am finding that products like this help us to keep pushing her whilst keeping things fun.

We haven’t had these PULLER rings for very long at all but so far they have been really great and Nia gets more than enough enjoyment to justify the money spent on them. they come in various sizes depending on your breed and if you go to their site they will tell you which is right for your dog, Nia is a medium sized breed and for her, we were recommended the PULLER standard.

What I like about PULLER Standard Ring Set?

  • PULLER Rings are made out of a unique material that does not damage your dog’s teeth and gums.

One great thing about these simple but effective fitness tools for our canines is that they are made out of a unique material that does not damage your pet’s teeth or gums which is vitally important. in fact, the ability for teeth to penetrate the material only seems to increase your dogs’ enjoyment.

  • PULLER Rings float which opens up additional opportunities in training and interacting with your dog. 

black white long coated dog dashing trough body of water
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Nia is not a fan of water and never has been, but if your pet is then these PULLER rings are the perfect addition to their play time. You can take them to the beach when you go for a nice relaxing stroll and throw them in the water for your pet to jump in and retrieve or they might make a good training tool for those wanting to compete in dock diving.

  • PULLER Rings are extremely light which means you are able to train your dog for a long time.

Nia and Lily

Nia and Lily at the park ❤

The PULLER rings are so light which makes it easy for either you or your pet to carry them during your walk. As well as them being easy and lightweight for your pet, it’s easy for children to join in the fun and help with training the family pet.

  • The PULLER rings provide your pet with a great workout.


Apparently, just three simple exercises using the PULLER rings for 20 minutes are comparable to 3 miles of intensive running, or 2-hour training session with an instructor, which is insane!! but like I have said, if your dog is on a fitness journey to unlock their true potential then combining a product like this with others such as the x dog vest might be a good idea.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the energy after a long day to give your dogs the stimulation they need and to give them a meaningful workout, products like this can really help with that, If you need to tire your pet out with little effort on your behalf then get yourself a set of PULLER rings and let the fitness fun start.

What I dislike about the PULLER rings.

  • They don’t seem like they are going to last very long for the price.

This might not be the case but we really haven’t had our set of PULLER rings for very long and they are already in quite a chewed up condition, it seems that a little durability might have been sacrificed for that good bite feel and as a result Nia’s puller rings are looking UGLY!! with that said they are still just as functional and Nia really doesn’t seem to care. It’s also worth noting that these are outdoor toys, this soft foam wouldn’t last my two seconds if they were left to them like they are their indoor toys.

Despite their downside, two rings for the price we paid has brought some fun and enjoyment into Nia’s life Which is worth every penny, so if you want to order your pet their very own set of PULLER rings then simply follow the link below, make sure you choose the correct size at checkout for your pet.

PULLER Standard Interactive Dog Toy Fitness Tool Set

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