Nia and Lily, the Birthday Girls!

Hey, fellow pet lovers!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend with their furry friends. Today is Nia’s birthday and tomorrow is Lily’s, so today’s post is a short one wishing my girls a happy birthday and letting you know what their fun-filled weekend entails.

Let’s jump straight in and wish Nia and Lily a very happy birthday!!

My Birthday Girls, Nia and Lily

Birthday Girls
My gorgeous girls ❤

Today is Nia papayas birthday and she is 4, it really feels like two seconds ago that we were in the car and on our way to pick her up and bring her home. She was the cutest little puppy ever and was such a fat little lump. I remember the first night we brought her home, we hopped in bed and two minutes later Nia was flat-out but snoring her little head off as loud as she possibly could.

Thankfully, she only snores when she is curled up in a little ball now as I got very little sleep that first night. We got Nia a few months after losing Freya and we honestly couldn’t have found a better pooch. She is the sweetest dog you could imagine and is nothing like little Lily when it comes to other dogs, Nia is placid and completely fine with all pooches.

The funniest thing about Nia is how much of greedy guts she is, I don’t think Nia has ever really turned her nose up at food, even if she doesn’t really like it she will still give it a go. To learn more about my girl Nia bums then check out my previous post on What it’s like to have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

Even though Lily’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow we always give them both their present on Nia’s birthday and their little cake because it seems silly to wait a day to Lily her gifts, when they have no concept of birthdays anyway. So this weekend is going to be super fun for both my girls, with lots of treats, toys and playtime heading their way.

I love that their birthdays are a day apart and tomorrow my girl Lily will be three, where does the time go??

They really don’t stay pups for long and Lily seemed to grow up way faster than Nia, she is still such a small pooch but has pretty much fully matured into the gorgeous girl she is today. I remember the first day we brought Lily home, she was so small I actually felt awful for taking her from her mum and two other siblings but she fitted in straight away.

I had just started a university degree a few months before getting her and for about the first month I had almost no sleep because all she wanted to do was play at stupid o’clock in the morning. Thankfully, she is super lazy when it comes to sleeping now and sleeps perfectly throughout the night and even likes to sleep in every now and then.

Lily was born on Remembrance Sunday and before we changed her name she was called Poppy which I think is pretty cute. To learn a little bit more about Lily then read my previous post, What it’s like to have a Border Terrier?

I know some people may think I’m a bit crazy for celebrating my girls birthdays like I do but the truth is I don’t really care what other people think when it comes to my girls, as I just want to give them both a wonderful day.

They are really only with us for such a short amount of time and every second should be as wonderful as it possibly can and that means making their birthdays extra special like we do for the people we love.

Today I decided to make my girls a little birthday cake to share since it’s their special day.

Thankfully, it turned out better than I thought it was going too. It is a coconut flour and blueberry cake, with a tiny bit of Raw Manuka Honey for sweetness and has a goats cheese frosting in the middle and piped on the top which the girls loved!!

However, since they only got one cake between them I didn’t stick any candles in because it was quite small and they wouldn’t really fit but the girls didn’t seem to mind and it went down a treat.

I struggled to find a recipe that didn’t use normal flour but managed to find one after a little while that used coconut flour and I made a few changes, but the original recipe is a Coconut Berry Dog Cake, so head over there if your pups birthday is coming up.

What did Nia and Lily get for their birthdays??

My girls got two awesome presents for their birthdays that they are going to share but the Flirt Poll is more for Lily and the PULLER rings are more suited to Nia.

  • Squishy Face Flirt Pole V2 Orange/Yellow 36 inch.

Squishy Face Flirt Pole V2 Orange/Yellow 36 inch

I cannot wait to try this out today, Lily is going to love it!!

My partner and I both picked a present for one of the girls and I choose for Lily and he picked for Nia, as soon I saw Squishy Face Studios Flirt Poll I knew the girls would love it and ordered it straight away.

Squishy Face Studios is a great company that produces durable toys and accessories for strong and active canines. This company is an American business that is based in Florida, it’s family owned and run by Justin and Jessica Lohmann and was founded in 2009.

Their products are made to provide both physical and mental stimulation for our canine companions and their goal is to keep dogs happy and healthy all around the world. All their products are made in the USA and they pride themselves on the quality of their great pet products.

To order your pooch their very own Squishy Face Flirt Pole then simply follow the link above, this one is a large so make sure you get the correct size for your pet before heading to the checkout.

  • PULLER Standard Interactive Dog Toy Fitness Tool Set.

PULLER Standard Interactive Dog Toy Fitness Tool Set

Next is Nia’s gift which is a set of Puller rings that look great, the Puller interactive dog toy is a dog fitness tool which can be used in a variety of ways to help provide both physical and mental stimulation for your pooch.

You can use your Puller rings by chucking or rolling them along the ground so your pet has to run after them, or you could chuck it in the air like a frisbee. You could also get your pet to jump up and catch on to their Puller rings or strengthen their jaw and neck muscles by getting them to pull on their Puller rings.

However, you decide to use your Puller rings your pooch will be sure to love them and I cannot wait to get to the park and start having plenty of fun with my girls and their new toys.

To order your pet their own set of PULLER rings then simply follow the link above but make sure you get the correct sized rings for your pet. We ordered the standard which is the perfect size for any large dog but they do offer a variety of sizes for small pooches to.

By purchasing through these links you are supporting as we get a small amount of commission, with no extra cost to you. This money helps keep the blog up and running and allows us to purchase pet products to review on our site. I only ever review products that are tried and tested by my girls and I think are great!

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If you haven’t checked out last Tuesday’s post then head over there now to learn all about Building Muscle and Performance, Creatine for Canines.

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