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Hey, fellow pet lovers!

I’m still sticking with my current focus on raw feeding this week and today’s post is a short review of Nutriment’s Dinner for Cat’s raw food. My girl Pooss has been eating two types of their raw food from their Dinner for Cats range for the last month now and seems to really like it!!

She can be super fussy with her food and normally turns her nose up at most new food we put down, but thankfully she tucked straight into Nutriment’s Dinner for Cat’s

Let’s jump straight in and learn all about Nutriment and their raw food for cats!


Nutriment is a raw food manufacture and offers a large range of artisan raw food for our canine and feline friends. They are a family run company and have a long-term relationship with leading dog breeders, vets and trainers which has helped them to produce nutritious, well-balanced raw pet food.

The company was founded in 2013 and first started trading on the 28th June that year. Ever since then the company has increased in size and has had to keep up with an ever-increasing demand from loyal customers and many happy pet parents. They are a part of the Pet Food Manufacturing Association and produce an excess of 180 tonnes of raw food each month.

It states on their website that Nutriment believe in

  • Buying British wherever possible.
  • Working alongside like-minded businesses.
  • Supporting the local community in which they operate.
  • Giving back to those making a difference, they support various charities who are making a difference to pets and people.

They offer various sized raw food for small, medium or large pets and even have a separate raw food range for working pooches. Overall they seem like a great raw food company and are leading the way in the raw food industry.

To learn more about Nutriment head over to their website, Nutriment.

Now we know a little bit more about the company, let’s find out what is so great about their Dinner for Cat’s raw food range.

What is so great about Nutriment’s raw cat food?

Happy Pooss 🙂

So we got Pooss two different varieties out of Nutriment’s Dinner for Cat’s range,

  • Dinner for Cats, Chicken.
  • Dinner for Cats, Rabbit with Turkey.

We didn’t want to get every flavour in their range as we weren’t sure if Pooss would like any one of them as she is so fussy, but thankfully she tucked in straight away.

What I like about Nutriment’s Dinner for cats raw food?

  • Their raw food comes in handy sized tubs, 175 grams each.

Something that I really like about Nutriment’s raw food range for cats is that it comes in handy 175g tubs. If you raw feed your feline friend then you will know how picky cats can be and how fresh their food must be for them to eat it.

This handy-sized tub is perfect for lifting straight out the freezer and feeding over the course of a few days but still small enough to ensure that the food stays fresh in the fridge.

  • They try to source British produce when possible.
united kingdom marching band
Photo by David Jakab on Pexels.com

Nutriment does their best to source all if not most of their raw materials for raw food from the UK which means their meat hasn’t had to travel very far, ensuring your pet’s food is nice and fresh.

  • Contains 80% fresh meat, 10% offal and 10% bone.

Their raw food is the perfect proportions for BARF raw feeders even though the percentages look like what a Prey Model Raw feeder would give their pet, their Dinner for Cats raw food falls more on the BARF side due to the added superfoods.

However, it contains the perfect raw feeding ratios and you can ensure that your furry friend is getting all their raw feeding requirements and more when feeding your pet Nutriment’s Dinner for Cats range.

  • They offer a large range of flavours and have two raw food ranges for cats.

Nutriment has two different raw food ranges for cats and they both contain a good variety of flavours so your furry friend won’t have to get sick of eating the same thing every day.

In their Dinner for Cats range, they have five different flavours to choose from such as

  • Dinner for Cats, Beef.
  • Dinner for Cats, Chicken.
  • Dinner for Cats, Rabbit with Turkey.
  • Dinner for Cats, Salmon.
  • Dinner for Cats, Venison and Duck.

It says on their website that their

“Dinner for Cats range is an enhanced raw formula, created to meet all the nutritional requirements of your cat. Made entirely from fresh meat and valuable superfoods, and in handy 175g packs, it offers a highly digestible, flavourful and energy dense food, full of essential amino acids, vitamins and dietary macronutrients.”

Their second raw cat food range is their Core 500g packets of raw food and they have three different flavours to choose from in this range such as

  • Cat Beef Formula Adult.
  • Cat Chicken Formula Adult.
  • Cat Salmon Formula Adult.

As you can see they have a large range of raw cat food to suit all breeds and variously sized cats. I think when we next order Pooss some more of their raw food we will also try their Core range as she seems to really like Beef so hopefully, she will tuck straight in with no hesitation.

To learn more about what they offer and also check out their raw dog food ranges, then head over to their website, Nutriment. after reading this post.

  • Nutriment has won various awards and prizes for their raw food. 
mid coated brown cat
Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com

In 2014 they won,

  • Toast of Surrey Young Business of the Year 2014, Winner.
  • Surrey Heath New Business of the Year 2014, Winner.
  • Show Review UK ‘Best Selected Exhibitor’ at Crufts 2014, Winner.

In 2015 they won, ranked and came runner-up in,

  • Natwest Everywoman Artemis Award, Winner (Suzanne Brock, MD).
  • PIF Manufacturer of the Year 2015, Shortlisted.
  • UK Startups Top 100 2015, Position 32.
  • UK Startups Women in Business 2015, Runner Up.
  • UK Startups Lean Start-up of the Year 2015, Winner.
  • PetQuip Awards 2015, Product Innovation, Highly Commended for Dinner for Dogs range.

in 2016 they were nominated, shortlisted and ranked in,

  • UK Startups Top 100 2016, Position 25.
  • PIF Manufacturer of the Year 2016, shortlisted.

  • The Webinar Vet, Veterinary Trust Awards 2016, Nominee.

In 2017 they ranked in,

  • Sunday Times Fast Track 100 2017, Ranked 50.

In 2018 they won an award for their cat food,

  • Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence (Cat Food), Winner.

Nutriment has won many prizes over the years since they started trading in 2013, this proves how much of a great company they are and the overall quality of their raw food for our furry friends.

  • They have health-benefiting superfood ingredients added to their raw food.
variety of herbs and vegetables
Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

Nutriment’s raw food is filled with superfoods such as

  • Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil.
  • Raw Sea Kelp Powder.
  • Spirulina Powder.
  • Wheatgerm Oil.

Nutriment’s dinner for cats range isn’t like you average raw food it is an enhanced raw formula which has been created to ensure all your felines nutritional needs are met. It is made entirely from fresh muscle meat, edible bone, essential organ meat and a mixture of superfoods that are listed above. Their food is easy to digest, full of flavour, energy-dense and full of essential amino acids, vitamins and has a high dietary moisture content.

Some of you might not be aware but cats get a most of their water intake from their diet.

This is due to our now domesticated cats descending from desert-dwelling ancestors who would have needed this important adaption to stay hydrated in this seriously hot and dry climate, by getting moisture from small animals and insects that they preyed upon. This resulted in them not needing to drink a great deal of water to stay hydrated but as long as they hunted and could get sufficient moisture from their diet then all was fine.

A lot of people feed their cat a commercial diet of wet canned food or dry biscuits also known as kibble, which doesn’t provide our feline friends with enough moisture for them to stay hydrated. However, by feeding your pet a raw food diet you are ensuring they are getting adequate water intake and reducing the risk of your pet becoming dehydrated and suffering from serious health-related conditions such as

  • Bladder stones.
  • Water infections.

Now we know what I think is so great about Nutriment and what my girl Pooss likes so much about their Dinner for Cats range, we can move on to feeding guidelines.

Feeding Guidelines for Cats Nutriment

It states on their packaging that

Adult cats should be fed 2-3% of their expected body weight. (5kg cat = 100-150g per day.)

Kittens (Up to 10 months) should be fed 5-6kg (3kg kitten = 150-180g per day)

To learn a bit more about raw feeding for our feline friends or about the many benefits of feeding your pet a species-appropriate diet then check out some of my previous posts,

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I hope you all liked learning about Nutriment and their diverse range of raw cat food. We are going to have to try their raw dog food range at some point, but for now, Nia and Lily are quite happy with their usual food. If you haven’t checked out last Saturday’s post, then head over there now, Prey Model Raw (PMR).

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