PMS Kitticat Sunshine Window Cat Bed, product review.

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Today’s post is short product review of a very cheap but great little product, the PMS Kitticat Sunshine Window Cat Bed.

My girls Pooss loves her window bed and it is something she has had for a good while now. We live three stories up and a short walk away from the beach, so she gets to watch all the Seagulls flying around which gives her some much-needed entertainment.

Let’s jump straight in and learn what my girl Pooss loves so much about her PMS Kitticat Sunshine Window Cat Bed?

The PMS Kitticat Sunshine Window Cat Bed

Pooss, on her window seat.

This is the PMS Kitticat Sunshine Window Cat Bed, it is one of the cheapest on Amazon which made us a bit skeptical but we thought we would take a gamble and place an order.

Thankfully it paid off and Pooss loves it!!

It is definitely not the best quality on the market and you will be able to get various higher quality cat beds on Amazon but considering how cheap it is I think it is a pretty good product. I’m sure we will order Pooss a more expensive window bed in the future but for now, this is will do perfectly.

What I like about the PMSĀ Kitticat Sunshine Window Cat Bed?

There are many things I like about this window cat bed and don’t be put off by the mixed reviews, ours is honestly great for the money and I hope that is the case for you if you do decide to order one, however, do let me know if you have any issues in the comments below.

  • Great price!

The first thing I want to mention is the price of this product as I mentioned above we were almost put off by the mixed reviews as only 50% of pet parents gave it full stars and it only costs Ā£8.40 which is crazy cheap but we took the gamble and ordered it. I am really glad we did as it has paid off and Pooss uses it almost every day now, to snooze and watch the birds.

  • Gives your cat a place to go and get away from other animals in the household.

Nia and the Pooss
Just Chilling!!

Our cat has a lot to deal with in our flat, she lives with two other dogs, a giant African Snail, and a few fish. There is always something going on during every hour of the day and it is so important to give Pooss somewhere she can go to get away from all the noise and hassle.

By having her own space she must feel more comfortable and can get away from Nia and Lily when they are running around and playing like crazy all over the sitting room.

  • Let’s your cat watch the wildlife outside.

We seem to have a lot of wildlife around us at every time of the year which is really lovely and by having a window seat the cat can look down at the bird feeder below and imagine having a little hunt and let her prey drive kick in for a second or two.

It is really funny to watch as when she sees a bird close by she will hop up and start making these little chirping noises that are super cute!! It makes me happy knowing she can at least watch the wildlife and isn’t missing out on everything with her being an indoor cat.

  • Provides your cat with a warm bed to sunbathe.

Sleeping, Pooss

My cat loves to cook herself, just like Nia to be honest, they both sit on the window or Nia will lie on the one square of the floor where the sun is beaming through and just bakes herself. They both love the heat and this window bed allows Pooss to sunbathe all day long and since it has been crazy warm lately, she has really been loving it!!

  • Super simple and quick to put together!

animal cat face close up feline
Photo by Pixabay on

This window cat bed has very few parts and takes seconds to assemble, all you have to do is take everything out of the box, then attach your frame together, put your cover over and then attach your suction cups to your window bed and the window.Ā Give your window a clean beforehand to get any dirt off to ensure your window seat will stick properly.

  • This is great for multiple cat households.

We only have one cat, Pooss in our flat but a lot of people have two or more and when I was growing up I had two cats. Having separate spaces for cats that live with one another I imagine is pretty important and this cat bed would be perfect for giving your furry friends their very own personal space.

Extra things to mention

Pooss, chilling.

  • Make sure you have something your cat can hop on and off if their window bed is high up.

We have placed Pooss’s window bed fairly high up and towards the top of the window but this means she needs to have something to jump on and off to get to her window seat, thankfully we have a few shelves close by which does the trick. Just remember if you want to stick your window seat fairly high you will have to put it close to something your cat can climb up and down to get on and off.

  • The variation in reviews.

With this product having a fair amount of negative reviews as well as positive I thought I would briefly talk about this. I am really surprised so many pet parents have left an unsatisfied review when our cat bed has been great.

However, this is somethingĀ I dislike about the product, as some people say it is great and others have had problems. Most people’s issues seem to be that the suction cups haven’t stuck properly, this can easily be solved by ensuring your windows are super clean and also if you put the suction cups in warm water for a few minutes this makes them moreĀ pliable, so it makes them easier to stick to your windows!

I can only go off what we have seen so far from the product and that is a great pet product for a super cheap price.

  • The cover isn’t very nice to touch.

The one thing that I do actually dislike about this cat bed is that the fabric doesn’t seem to be to comfy. We got Pooss a little blue fleece to stick on top of her window seat as the cover isn’t a nice fabric and is quite rough, I think this is to make it scratch proof but to ensure your cat is comfy you can order them a little fleece to go on top.

I have stuck a link to a cheap fleece that should make your cat more comfy on their window bed, to order just follow the link below,

RUNGAO Paw Pattern Pet Dog Cat Blanket Cushion Mat Fleece Blanket Cover 70*100CM Black&white Paw

This blanket is only a few pounds and will easily add an extra layer of comfort to your cat bed, it is a bit big but just fold it a few times to add a few more layers of comfort.

To order your cat their very own window bed that they will be sure to love, simply follow the link below.Ā 

PMS Window Cat Bed.

*By purchasing through this link you are supporting as we get a small amount of commission, with no extra cost to you. This money helps keep the blog up and running and allows us to purchase pet products to review on our site.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you all liked seeing Pooss and how much she loves her PMSĀ Kitticat Sunshine window bed!! For the money, you cannot really go wrong and thankfully we haven’t had any issues.

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I hope you all go out and get your furry friend a PMS Kitticat Sunshine Window Cat Bed and they love it as much as mine does. Stick around for a more informative post heading your way that is all about the Canine Estrous Cycle, since my girls have come into heat last week.

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