Questions to ask yourself before getting a pet?

Hey, fellow pet lovers!

I thought I would write a post that lists some of the questions we should all ask ourselves before getting a pet, whether that be a cat or dog, rescue, new puppy or kitten. Getting a pet is a serious responsibility that requires a lot of time, commitment, and financial stability. However, having a pet is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences that will bring you so much joy and happiness.

Let’s look at some of the questions you should ask yourself if you are thinking about bringing a pet into your life. 

  • Can I afford a pet?

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The first question you should ask yourself is can I afford a pet?

Having a pet is a serious financial responsibility and something you must think about before you get a pet is can I afford to do so? Having a pet can be very expensive as you must pay for insurance, food, toys, grooming products and vet check-ups. Before getting a pet you should look at your finances and work out if you have enough money to pay for all your pets needs each month.

If you do then that is great but if you cannot afford a pet then you need to reconsider and save some money to ensure you can provide your pet with their many needs.

  • Do I have enough time for a pet?

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The second question to ask yourself is do I have enough time for a pet? 

Having a pet takes up so much of your time, you need to take them on daily walks if you get a dog, feed them, play with them and just spend time with them each and every day. Personally spending time with my girls is when I am at my happiest but if you’re a super busy person and are at work for long hours each day, then getting a pet is definitely not the right thing to do.

Since I work from home I am with my girls pretty much 24/7 and this is perfect as I can ensure their needs are met at every second of the day but if you work long hours and spend almost all day out of the house, then getting a pet would mean keeping them in a cage for most of the day and that is something you definitely shouldn’t do.

Cats are a lot more relaxed and are easier to care for than dogs as they can happily be left in the house to roam around or even go outside on their own while you’re at work, so getting a pet isn’t necessarily 100% off the cards if you’re a super busy person. However, if you are a workaholic and don’t have a lot of time but still really want a pet you will need to sacrifice time out of your day, which will most likely mean your downtime as you still need time to play with your pet and spend valuable time bonding with them.

  • Am I able to provide my pet with all their needs?

Another question to ask yourself is, can I provide my pet with all their needs? This takes into consideration the first two questions but also other things like, am I able to take them out on daily walks and give them adequate exercise? A lot of people suffer from various health issues that hinder their ability to walk far or do various physical activities.

If this is the case for you and you struggle to walk far then getting a pet pooch is not the best option for you as they will have to go out on daily walks and there is no getting around this. You could, however, get a kitten or an adult cat if you really wanted a pet as they can go out on their own or be a house cat. There are also many older dogs that are looking for their forever loving home that cannot walk very far, so if you have a large backyard then you could rescue a senior dog since they require less exercise.

  • Do you want to rescue a pet or get a new puppy or kitten?

This is something you should ask yourself before getting a pet, both options are great and whatever you choose will feel like the right choice. However, whether you get a rescue, a new puppy or kitten there are some differences to consider. We have had both, Freya was a rescue and my second childhood pet was a recuse Staffy also.

Getting a rescue pet is one of the most rewarding things you can do as there are so many innocent pets out there that are looking for their forever loving home. When we were hunting for a little friend for Nia we went to various rescue centers but couldn’t find the right match, so we ended up getting little Lily from a puppy. Getting a puppy or kitten is also an amazing experience that is life changing, watching your furry friend growing up is so special and it creates such a strong bond between you and your pet.

Both options are great though and it all comes down to what you really want, if you want to watch your pet grow up and have them from day one then a new addition such as a puppy or kitten would be more suited you. However, if you want an older dog who you don’t have to toilet train then an older rescue pet would be better. Remember there are lots of young pets out there that are waiting to be rescued so even if you did want to get a new puppy or kitten you could still rescue one.

  • Does everyone you live with want a pet?

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This is a super important question as if you live with your parents, friends or have flatmates then you will have to make sure they are fine with you getting a pet. Are they allergic to pets or do they like pets?

As their answers to these questions will really make a difference in the final outcome, make sure everyone you live with is happy for you to bring a pet into their home.

  • Why do I want a pet?


Why do you want a pet?

This is such an important question to ask yourself, I and my partner wanted to get Nia because we lost Freya and life was missing something without a pooch. Then we wanted to get Lily because we thought it would be nice for Nia to have a little friend to grow up alongside.

Why do you want to get a pet? Is it because your lonely and want the companionship? or is it because you just love pets and are finally in a position to get your own for the very first time? There are so many answers to this question that everyone’s will most likely be different.

But there are some answers that will demonstrate that you shouldn’t get a pet. A lot of people want a puppy or a kitten and then fall out of love with their pet when they grow up and things start to get a bit difficult. This is an awful thing and you shouldn’t ever get a pet just because they look cute and you really want a puppy or kitten because that adorable pet is going to grow up into an adult dog or cat. I have heard many stories of people getting a puppy or kitten for their birthday or Christmas and then falling out of interest within a few months. You really need to consider your reasons for wanting a pet as they are so important.

  • Are you ready to commit to your pet for the rest of their life?

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Having a pet is a lot of commitment and not just for a short amount of time, your pet could be with you for a decade or two, even longer if your lucky and this is something you really need to think about. If you do get a pet you are compromising on many things such as going on holiday as often, having a higher disposable income and saying goodbye to just hopping in bed on a night-time and falling straight to sleep, as you need to take your furry friend to the loo each and every night.

Deciding to get a pet is a massive decision, a life-changing one that will bring you so much joy and happiness. But if you get a pet and realise it isn’t what you want then that is an awful situation as you will need to re-home your pet and this can be very stressful for them depending on how long they have been with you. If you’re considering getting a pet or are wondering what it is like then check out our posts on the 10 Benefits of having a Canine Companion, What it’s like to have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier? and What it’s like to have a Border Terrier?

I couldn’t live without my girls and the sacrifices we make will never outweigh the benefits of having such amazing animals in my life but never forget how much of a commitment and hard work having a pet really is.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope all liked it and hit the share button down below to help others find this post.

It is so important that you ask yourself these questions before getting a pet as you need to be sure you have the financial stability to provide your pet with everything they need, as well as having enough time to provide them with adequate exercise. If you have answered all these questions and you are able to get a pet then, that is great. Having a dog or cat in your life is truly rewarding and you will have a great sense of responsibility for your furry friend.

Stick around for this Saturdays post which is going to be a homemade chicken jerky recipe, that your furry friends are going to love!!

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