Great North Dog Walk, 2018.

Hey, fellow pet lovers! 

Today’s post is a simple and short one that talks all about the Great North Dog Walkwhich will take place on the 3rd of June. This fun and friendly dog walk will be held in South Shields, which is my hometown.

The Great North Dog Walk is currently a Guinness World record holder for being the largest organised dog walk, it has been around for a very long time and is in its 28th year, which is insane!!

The founder of the Great North Dog Walk is Tony Carlisle, he started the walk in 1990 with just 13 dogs showing up, far from 2017’s whopping 30,114 dogs. Tony is a former teacher and has done so much for charity, with all the amazing work he has managed to raise over £7.27 Million pounds for charitable causes. There is no doubt that the Great North Dog Walk is an amazing event that has the power to make such a positive change for our pets.

Unfortunately, I am not able to make it this year but definitely plan on going next, however, I wanted to do a short post so all you dog lovers in the northeast and worldwide, know how great the Great North Dog walk truly is.

Let’s jump straight in and learn what is so great and what to expect on this day of doggy filled fun!

The Great North Dog Walk, 2018

DSC_0097 (2)
Me and my girls (Nia & Lily) on South Shields beach.

To go to the Great North Dog Walk you must register.

To register you and you and your furry friend, as well reading the rules for the walk head over to their website, registration is free and simple.

Once you have registered you are all set for having a fun-filled day with your pet.

Make sure you have read the rules and understand what is allowed and not on the day of the walk.

For 2018 the Great North Dog Walk has partnered with Dogs Trust, each year they choose a different organisation. You can check their previous partners as well as their sponsors and supports by heading over to their website.

Their main sponsor this year is Durham Animal Feeds.which we have actually just placed an order from so you can expect a product review of their raw food coming soon. So far their products seem great quality and amazing value for money.

What time does it start?

Fun at the beach

The Great North Dog Walk actually starts at 10.30am, walkers are asked to not start before this time. Registration opens at 9am if you haven’t already registered and your last chance to enter is 3pm. 

Where is the walk held?

The Great North Dog Walk is held on the Lea’s in South Shields. 

The Lea’s are one of my girl’s favourite places to walk, Lily goes mental when she realises we are going there! Unfortunately, our dog’s aren’t allowed on the beach from May to the end of September which really sucks!! Otherwise, I would have suggested going and checking out our coastline, as it is truly beautiful.

I would advise if you’re going to this years walk that you either walk or get public transport as there is very limited parking at the event and limited parking in the general area, so you will really struggle to find a good parking spot.

Down below is a link to Stagecoaches website where you can do bus tracking for any bus, just put the postcode in and the number of the bus you want and it will give you live tracking.

A day rider is pretty cheap and for South Shields, it will only cost you £3.80 (If I remember correctly) and buses run every half hour normally on a Sunday.

Extra Info

Here is a little bit of extra information about the day, to find out more head over to the website.

  • Registration is from 9am till 3pm. 

  • Event staff are wearing yellow t-shirts with white writing. 

  • Vets are on hand in case anything takes place or a poorly pooch needs help. 

  • If you lose a dog, a child or any personal property find a member of the Event staff and let them know what is going on.

To get a sitemap for the walk, head over to the Great North Dog Walk’s website.

There are two different sitemaps as one is a for a dry walk and the other is encase it rains.  There are also various routes to ensure everyone is able to walk, whether you are pushing a pram, in a wheelchair or have an elderly dog who needs to walk on the grass or a certain type of terrain, there is a route that will fit your needs.

What to expect on the day

You can expect a day filled with fun for you and your furry friend, there will be a lot of dogs and also a lot of walking!! Overall the dog walk is a great day out for you and your pet to socialise with other dogs, make new friends and just go on a lovely walk close to the coast.

All my information has been taken from The Great North Dog Walk Website. (2018). The Great North Dog Walk in Partnership with Dogs Trust. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Jun. 2018].

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you all enjoyed reading about this year’s Great North Dog Walk, I really wish I could make it but whoever is going I hope you and your furry friends have a great time.

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