How to make Homemade Dehydrated Liver Treats? Pet Treat Recipe.

Hey, fellow pet lovers!

Today’s post is a recipe for making your very own homemade dehydrated liver treats, they are so simple to make and my girls absolutely love them!!

Also, if you have a fussy pet who refuses to eat raw liver then this should do the trick.

So let’s get started and make our fur babies some delicious treats.

What you will need?

  • A chopping board.
  • A sharp knife.
  • Gloves if you mind getting your hands dirty.
  • Scales (Non-essential) 
  • A dehydrator.
  • A reusable tub or jar to place the finished treats in.
  • A good amount of liver as it will decrease to about 1/3rd of its original weight.

So we start out with our raw liver and you can buy liver that has already been cut up into slices or liver that is still whole. I prefer liver that is still whole as sometimes the slices are not even and this can result in your liver being done at separate times.

Step One, Prepare the liver

Once you have bought your liver and have everything you need it is time to get your hands dirty and start making your furry friend some delicious treats that they will be sure to love.

For this batch I used 1 kilo of Horse liver, any liver will do and you can easily pop along to your local butchers or supermarket and pick up liver at a ridiculously cheap price.

However, if possible always try to source high-quality liver and since it is so cheap to start with, it still won’t cost too much.


Another thing we must do when preparing our liver is to remove any fatty lumps or sinew as this could spoil the liver treats in the long run. You can store them in the freezer if you’re not bothered about cutting everything out.

Step Two, Slice Liver into even strips


Once we have prepared our liver, we need to slice it into even strips, make sure you sharpen your knife beforehand to make it easier.

Step Three, Transport liver to the dehydrator trays

Finished liver xx


Once you have placed all your liver on your trays it’s time to place them all in the dehydrator.

Step Four, Place liver into the dehydrator

“Do I really have to wait that long???

Place all your sliced liver into the dehydrator on its highest setting. We have an Excalibur nine-tray dehydrator and it has a set timer on so we can choose to leave it on for 24 hours or longer.

However, if you don’t have a timer then just keep checking on it but it will take at least 16 hours if not 24 depending on how thick your slices are.

Step Five, Take your finished treats out and place them in an airtight container/Jar


Woo, the time has arrived and your treats are done!!

At this point, your pooches are probably staring at you with their puppy dog eyes begging for a taste of their yummy treats.

Well, how simple was that? 

I hope you enjoyed making your pet their own homemade liver treats, I am sure they will love them. However, remember liver is very rich and you cannot feed a lot in one day, we mainly just use our dehydrated liver for alongside our girl’s meals as Lily can be a bit fussy at times and refuses to eat her liver raw.

You can also use them as treats but do not feed a lot of liver in one day, as you will have a serious mess to clean up!!!

If you haven’t checked out some of the other homemade treat recipes then head over there now as we have

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